Review & Guest Post Policy

Review Policy

I am NOT currently accepting books for review. Emails requesting a book review WILL BE IGNORED AND DELETED.

I accept only young adult and maybe middle grade books. I do accept self-published books that meet my requirements. I review fully and honestly. If I don't like your book, I will try my best to give in-depth answers as to why. But just because the book is free, don't expect a good review.

Genres I will read (within young adult):
  • fantasy
  • LGBTQ+ (of any genre)
  • memoir
  • science fiction
  • Egyptian-inspired fiction (nonfiction may be read, but no review on my blog, just Goodreads)
Genres I might read (within young adult):
  • dystopia
  • historical fiction
  • contemporary
  • humor
  • fairy tale retellings
  • magical realism
  • mystery
Genres I won't read (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • erotica/smut
  • paranormal
  • biographies/autobiographies
  • nonfiction
  • crime/detective
  • horror
  • western
  • romance (okay within other genres)
  • fanfiction
  • children's books
Only contact me if your book fits into the "Genres I will read" or "Genres I might read." If your book is a genre in the "Genres I won't read" list, your request will be ignored. If your book falls out of these categories, contact me and ask. Even if your book falls under the "will read" list, a request may still be denied if I don't have the time or I'm just not interested.

If the book I will be reviewing is an ARC, I will try to get it up before the release, but that is not guaranteed unless you contact me more than 3 months prior to the book's release date. If the book is already out, I will attempt to have it read and reviewed within 3 months, but that is not always possible. I will let you know what time to expect when you contact me.

That being said, you can email me your request at Please include the words "Review Request" in the subject.

Author Interview Policy

I will only interview authors whose books fall under the "will read" and "might read" genre lists, and that means you must write young adult or middle grade books. You don't have to have me review your book to get an interview, but that is preferred, and if I'm going to be doing both, they will be attached.

I hold the right to deny you an interview. Like my review policy, an interview will likely happen within 3 months of the request, but I will tell you my schedule when you send me a request.

There will be somewhere around 10-15 questions per interview. If I don't review your book with it, they will be very general bookish interview questions. If I do review your book with the interview, some of the questions will be about your book.

Again, contact me at if you're interested in an interview. Please include the words "Interview Request" in the subject.

Guest Post Policy

If you're interested in guest posting on my blog, I will most likely let you as long as your idea for a post sounds good. Any review or book discussion will be accepted. I'm not interested in tags or memes, though. The size of your blog or following doesn't matter. The post will be shared on my social media accounts.

Contact me at, and make sure to put the words "Guest Post" in the subject.


If you want to contact me for any other reason, email me at

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