For the people that don't want to read my several-paragraphs-long About Me page.....

What's your name?

Alex. Or Alex Clover depending on what website you're on. Sometimes I use the username koranika.

How old are you?

15, 16 on July 25th.

Are you a boy or a girl?/What's your gender?

HAHAHAHAHAHHAA. Specifically, my gender is pretty fluid, going between (pretty much) male and neutral/genderless. I usually call myself a demiguy. Or just a trans guy if I'm trying to not be complicated.

Wait what? So what pronouns do you use?

Either he/him or they/them is fine. By the way, please read this definition of they, and don't tell me it's not singular:

Where do you live?

Ohio, USA.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be an Egyptologist. I've always been interested in Egypt, and it combines a lot of the things I like most: language, traveling, learning, old things, etc. Unfortunately, in order to really be successful in that field, you basically have to have a doctorate, which seemed kind of ouchy on my [parent's] bank account at first, but then I realized I would have a gender-neutral title (Dr.) and then it was okay.

What kind of books do you like?

Fantasy mostly. I'll read pretty much anything LGBT-related too.

Do you play any instruments?

I'm trying to learn the ukulele. And...not totally failing. I can read music though, and that counts for something, right? I've been in a lot of choirs. I'm only in one now, but considering others.

Do you play any sports?

I used to play soccer (or football, whatever), but I broke my wrist in seventh grade and couldn't play goalie for awhile, so I just quit... Now I barely do any exercise, and I just sit at my computer all day. (Great trade, right?)

Do you have any pets?

I have three cats, Serqet, Isis, and Tiefling, one dog, Loki, and a gerbil named Cheddar he died sorry. (Please don't question my pet-naming abilities.)

What fandoms are you a part of?

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (what counts as a fandom?) Honestly, I fail when it comes to having a variety. There aren't that many. And I'm pretty picky about what I consider a part of my fandoms. Like I've read an enjoyed The Hunger Games, but I'm not obsessed with it, so it doesn't count. Does that make sense?

Doctor Who, Percy Jackson, Death Note, Supernatural (but I'm not done watching it don't yell at me), Half Bad, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls

Ish. These are the ones I'm actually super into.

How often do you post?


What do you post about?

Books, writing, discussions, the occasional rant about something that has nothing to do with books.

How can I find you in other places around the interweb?

Obviously you didn't look at my About Me page, but whateverrrrr.

My Snapchat is koranika. You can send me something and I may or may not respond.

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