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ALL THE LGBT BOOKS | Book Haul: Spring & Summer 2016

Hello! I didn't get very many books in spring, so I thought it would be reasonable to combine my spring and summer hauls. Unfortunately, I bought a ton of books in summer, so I now have a shitload of books to show you. Yay books!

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1. Half Lost (Half Bad #3) by Sally Green

I'm honestly not sure how this wasn't in my last book haul since I had already bought it before then, but it wasn't. So here it is! My review. Yay gay! :D

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2. Sea Spell (Waterfire Saga #4) by Jennifer Donnelly

I kinda hated the last book, but I'm already three books in, and this is the last one, so might as well finish the series, right? If only I cared about what the outcome was...

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3. The Crown (The Selection #5) by Kiera Cass

YAYYY IT'S FINALLY OVER!!! I was glad this series was over when it ended the first time...then they added two books...yet I still read them. I really hope there aren't anymore. While I initially liked it, I ended up giving it 2 stars because I realized how stupid it was. Everything that I wanted to happen happened...with absolutely no consequences. Every problem was solved quickly and without any mess afterwards. It was pretty disappointing. On the bright side, surprise gay was surprising. On the...dark side, that cover is atrocious.

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4. The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo #1) by Rick Riordan

I have started this book, but I haven't finished it yet (thanks a lot, summer reading). I loved the first 70 or so pages that I read, and I'm really excited to read the rest! Solangelo is making me so happy. Once again, yay gay!

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5. This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp

This book just sounds really interesting, and it has a cool cover, and I've heard there's a little gayness going on there, and it's short! I'm really excited to pick this one up...if only I had the TIME! (Thanks again, summer reading...)

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6. The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick

I already read this one, and I really enjoyed it. I really wish I'd read it when I was younger, though. This is one of those books that's for kids, but good for non-kids too, but it's even better for non-kids when they're reading it to a non-non-kid. I wish I had access to a child.

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7. The Marvels by Brian Selznick

I was just going to buy The Invention of Hugo Cabret, but then I saw that the one that I was looking at was signed, so I ended up buying it too. I still haven't read it, but judging by the homophobic Goodreads reviews, I bet it's going to be a good one.

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8. The Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series Box Set (the new one) by Rick Riordan

Yes, I finally caved in and bought the new covers. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later.. It was less than $25 on Amazon, okay? That's less than $5 a book! THAT'S AWESOME. And it's pretty.

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9. The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

I had to get this book for school. I actually liked it more than I was expecting to (considering it's about as far as you can get from my preferred genre), but there were still things that annoyed me. Like the fact that there were 7 POINT-OF-VIEWS. That's ridiculous. I'm still not entirely sure which character is which. How am I supposed to take a test over this tomorrow? (This book only had one very minor gay character, and then a couple of AIDS comments happened. It wasn't super homophobic or anything, but...not great.)

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10. Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein

I also read this book for school, but I actually got to pick it. (Yay!) I ended up liking it way more than I thought I would. There was a little surprise burst of gay in there of which, as I'm sure you know by now, I'm quite a fan. And the writing was way better than I was expecting for a rock musician. Good job, Carrie.

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11. Moon at Nine by Deborah Ellis

A lesbian romance than takes place in Iran? Yikes. But also, intriguing. I'm not sure how long it will take me to read this one (considering my TBR pile at the moment, probably not soon), but I am really looking forward to it!

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12. None of the Above by I.W. Gregorio

This book is about an intersex character, which is definitely a new one for me. I'm really excited as to where this book will take topics like gender, sexuality, and relationships. Also, do you see that cover? I'M IN LOVE.

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13. If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo

A book about a trans girl written by a trans woman with a trans girl on the cover? Yes, please! I'm really excited to read a trans book written by a trans person. I've had issues with some books portrayal of trans people (*cough*Symptoms of Being Human*cough*), so I'm hoping this one will be better than those. I'm already excited by the fact that I've heard the main character is into stuff like Star Wars and video games. While those things aren't necessarily "gendered," they're not seen as being super feminine either, which is how trans girls are very often portrayed. This one is very high up on my TBR.

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14. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

This book has very very good reviews from book bloggers and reviewers, but I'm assuming most of them aren't gay, and are reading this from a sort of "outside the community" perspective. I haven't looked very hard for reviews of LGBT people, but I am hoping this one is as good as everyone says it is!

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15. George by Alex Gino

TRANS CHILDREN'S BOOK TRANS CHILDREN'S BOOK GIMME GIMME GIMME. I'm really hoping this book explains everything gender related in an able-to-be-comprehended-by-a-small-child kind of way. I want this to be an innocent portrayal of gender (which shouldn't be that hard) that I can recommend to trans children and parents of trans children and cis children (and non-children) and everyone that needs to take a hint. That seems like a simple request, but it would be difficult to pull off. I'm looking forward to reading it, and I'm going to have to review it when I do!

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16. Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen by Jazz Jennings

I've yet to read an LGBT memoir (unless you want to count A Work in Progress by Conner Franta, which I wouldn't even though he's gay), so I was really excited when I found a signed copy of this book at Target. (Who doesn't love Target?) I'm not sure when I'll read it, though, because...TBR issues going on over here.

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17. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

I read this book back in late 2014 (the review of it was actually the second post ever on this blog, but don't read that, it's awful) and have been meaning to buy my own copy ever since. I'm not sure if I'll read it again anytime soon, considering the first time I read it, it was in audiobook format, so I think I should actually read the text too. Plus, pretty cover...and I suppose I could do for another dose of emo-gay Will Grayson.

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18. Ask the Passengers by A.S. King

I checked this book out from the library last June, but I never managed to read it. Now that I've bought this physical copy, I'm hoping I'll read it...eventually. I mean, lesbian romances, not exactly high priority for me. But it's still gay so I'll read it.

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19. Gracefully Grayson by Ami Polonsky

More trans kid's books! Hurrah! I've read about 40 pages of this so far, and I'm kind of meh on it, if I'm being honest. I know it's only been 40 pages, but it's a little slow. Not bad, just slow. My ADHD needs more fight scenes and angst, okay?

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20. Beautiful Music for Ugly Children by Kirstin Cronn-Mills

As excited as I am to read about a trans guy (and not just trans girls for a change..), I'm really afraid that this book won't explain being trans well. From some reviews I've read, it seems that that may be the case. I'm still going to read it, if only to spread the message that this is what NOT to do!

21. Death Note Black Edition, Vol. 1 by Tsugumi Ohba

I watched the anime series for this manga back in March, and it seriously screwed me up for about a week (thank god it was spring break). So I made the wise decision of purchasing it in manga form. Who's ready for another mental breakdown? Not me!! D:

21 books (or 25 if we're counting the fact that Percy Jackson was a boxset)...I think that's the biggest book haul I've ever done. I guess it was double the time though. I say this was a win! Yay!

What books have you guys bought recently?

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  1. 21 books! That is absolutely amazing! Ahhh, I really hope you like the Trials of Apollo! I actually prefer it over the Heroes of Olympus series, and Solangelo takes ADORABLE to a whole new level. I haven't read Hugo for a while, but seeing it on your book haul kind of makes me want to re-read it! I'm reading the Crown right now, and I have mixed feelings, but I'm going to finish it since I loved the original series.