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LGBT YouTubers!! (Reccomendations)

Hello! As an LGBT person, I'm subscribed to a ton of LGBT YouTubers. Most of them are transgender (not the LGB part of LGBT), but many of them are also not straight, so I thought I'd just go with LGBT instead of transgender or whatever.

I do actually know of LGBT YouTubers that aren't on this list, but I wanted to keep this least having just my favorite YouTubers as well as relatively small YouTubers. All of these people have less than 600'000 subscribers (that's still kind of a lot but whatever, I'm just not going to mention Tyler Oakley or somebody else obvious), and some have as little as 200. Also, since I discover new YouTubers almost every day, I might end up adding this to my LGBTQ+ Books tab and changing it to...I don't know. LGBTQ+ Media.

Anyway, I'm hoping many of you will discover some people you really like in this list! I think all of these people are just amazing, and I hope you guys do too. :)

Note: I have a glossary at the bottom of this post for any words that might confuse those of you who don't spend your lives on Tumblr or just don't quite get them. I'm not going to include words like "gay" or "straight" because I'm assuming you know those... Obviously, if you're confused about anything feel free to ask me! (Though not every question will have a simple answer.)

Amanda of AmandasChronicles

Amanda is one of my favorite YouTubers, if not just my favorite YouTuber period. And they're gay! (Side note: even though Amanda is usually called by she/her pronouns, I prefer to call them by they/them pronouns because of this video. I feel weird saying she/her, and they obviously don't have a problem with it.) They are basically the reason that I became comfortable with my own sexuality, and the reason I cut my hair. Without Amanda, I would have never came out to anybody, let alone myself. Plus, they're fucking hilarious.

Amy Ordman

Amy Ordman

Amy is actually Amanda's girlfriend, which is how I originally found her! She hasn't changed my life as drastically to be honest, but she's still gay and fun to watch. I can't say no to that!

She also likes Dan and Phil, which is always a plus.

Ashley Mardell

Ashley is pansexual, and is currently in the process of getting married to her girlfriend Grace. (I mean, as far as I know.) Ashley's channel is mostly focused on education about LGBT identities and issues, which was really helpful when I was first figuring out who I was. (I say that like I know now XD.) I find Ashley's channel is super helpful if you are LGBT or if you're an ally who wants to learn more.

Ashley Wylde

This Ashley is the one that created The Gender Tag, which you may have heard of because Hannah Hart participated in this tag last year, and it actually became a pretty successful project. Ashley is nonbinary and...queer (sexuality is fluid, ya know). Like Ashley Mardell, she frequently makes educational videos, but she also does the occational tag, challenge, vlog, etc. She's pretty amazing at explaining gendery stuff.


Ben of Benjaminoftomes

I'm sure some of you have heard of Ben because he's a BookTuber and this is a book blog. And even though I've been subscribed to him for more than a year, I didn't actually know that he's gay until around 5 or 6 months ago when he made a video with his boyfriend. It was freaking adorable (I like watching couples, especially gay ones, okay?), and Ben is just a really fun person to watch. He's so happy and it makes me happy I don't know.

Brendan Jordan

Brendan Jordan

Some of you may know who Brendan is because of this video that went kind of viral, but they also have a YouTube channel (they started around a year ago) where they are generally really gay (and also genderfluid). It's not like they changed my life or anything, but damn are they entertaining.

Brooklyn Beauty

Brooklyn is a trans woman, and I've been watching her transition for several months now. Since I haven't met many trans women in real life (many more trans men for some reason), I really like trying to educate myself about what trans women are going through, and not just trans men. I like hearing about trans people's stories in general, and I really love Brooklyn's personality.


Chandler is agender, which was always a really big deal to me because, before I discovered their channel, I'd never actually seen anyone else who identified as agender, so it was pretty exciting. Chandler does some educational stuff, but a lot of their channel is just filled with life updates, challenges, and talking about non-gender related things. I really love it for some reason.

Cady of ChasingCady

Cady is also agender (there might be a theme because oh hi I thought I was agender once XD), but they don't do a whole lot of gender-related videos, and definitely not anything that would be considered "educational" on any grounds. Most of their videos are fandom related or just...random. It's entertaining.

Princess Bubblegum

Chloe Spencer

Chloe is a pretty new YouTuber. She only started out about 4 months ago, but she's grown pretty quickly because she already had a decent following on Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram/Etc. As of right now, she's been doing mostly advice revolving around gay/partially gay females, but I've found her channel helpful even though I'm not a girl. Honestly, for those of you who aren't LGBT, I don't think Chloe would be very useful for you. I mean, unless you really want to get into the mind of a gay female...



Danni is a very small YouTuber, but entertaining nonetheless. They're agender (can you see the pattern), and have done several gender-related videos, but also some random things. They also uploaded all of them playing Undertale, which I will watch once I finish the game. I don't want spoilers! But I am really excited to see them play, even if it will take me 10 hours to watch..

Dez Van Buren

Dez Van Buren

To be honest with you, Dez followed me on Twitter a few months ago, and that's how I found her. But I am so glad I decided to check out her YouTube channel because I actually really love it. Some of her videos are useful (mostly for LGBT people), and some of them are just fun to watch. She doesn't have very many videos since she only started last year, but I really like the ones that she does have.

Dodie Clark

Dodie of doddleoddle

I've loved Dodie for years, and she only "came out" as bisexual about a month ago, and it made me SO HAPPY. I was like YES DODIE YES. She doesn't really make any LGBT-related videos at all, you know, other than that video. If you don't know, she does more music and story telling (mainly on her vlog channel). Anyway, I was so happy when she announced that she's bi. That was a good day. I love Dodie so much.


DumandsONE (I'm pretty sure their actually name is unknown) is hilarious and just...great. I've been watching their videos for awhile, and it's been really cool to see them kind of discover themselves I guess? When I first started watching them they thought they were cisgender, and then later discovered otherwise. They're nonbinary and asexual, but who the hell cares? They're just amazing. I love their videos. It's not that complicated. That's why I love all of these people.

Gavin Gender

Gavin is a trans guy that has tons of FTM help videos for trans guys. These videos have helped me a lot with coming out and just...figuring myself out I guess? He's one of the many YouTubers that helped me discover my gender and expression, as well as educate me about a lot of things regarding my transition. These videos are mostly directed towards trans guys (or AFAB nonbinary people), and not towards people trying to learn about trans people, so keep that in mind if you check out his channel.


Charlie of GoodTimeCharlie

Charlie is nonbinary/genderfluid, and even though they haven't been on YouTube very long (not even a year), I still really love the videos they put out. Some of them have to do with gender identity, and some don't, but I really like all of them. They're really pleasant to watch... XD


Although just gay himself, Hayden is an activist for the LGBT and feminist movements, and mostly does advice videos for all kinds of LGBT people and talks about other issues, as well as some random story time videos. I originally found him through his Tumblr, which I also really like.

Jackson Bird

Jackson is most well known for his Will It Waffle? videos, but recently he's done some LGBT related videos as well! I've been subscribed to Jackson for awhile, but he only came out as transgender in May of 2015. His story was the first one I ever watched, and was most of the reason I started looking for other transgender YouTubers, which is what made me continue questioning my own gender. Mostly, though, it's all about waffles.

Jake Edwards

I. Love. Jake. So. Much. I found him through his boyfriend, Alex Bertie (who's down in the T's), and completely fell in love with him. He's adorable and hilarious and amazing. One of my favorite songs ever is his cover of Fall For You. Did I mention how good of a singer he is? HE'S SO GOOD. I could literally listen to his voice all day. He's also done many videos over him being transgender and his transition, which have been super helpful for me. Also, Alex and Jake are my OTP. Even if you don't want to watch their videos, at least google pictures of them, because they're so fucking cute I swear.

Lee Inanimus

Lee has 8 videos. Not very many. They also tend to go several months between videos, which makes me sad. But of the videos they do have, I found them very helpful and relatable. They're agender and aromantic, which is pretty unique. They're one of two people I follow anywhere that's aromantic, but I still think Lee has helped me a lot with understanding what that even means. I would consider myself panromantic, so the concept of  not being romantically attracted to anyone is one of the weirdest things I've ever heard. I feel like I might understand it a little better now. Sort of.

Eden of LikeTotallyEden

Eden doesn't really talk about LGBT issues, like, ever, but she is asexual and lithromantic (aka akoiromantic or apromantic), which is really cool honestly. I rarely find people that identify as anything other than hetero/homo/bi/pan/a/romantic, so it's really cool to find someone who does. It makes it seem more legitimate I guess. She's also a musician and an artist, and she's hilarious, so I definitely suggest checking out her channel.

Alright, then, I'll go to hell.

Lexxi/Cody of ppusherr

Lexxi/Cody (I'm already confused) is aromantic (hurrah again!) and genderfluid. Their videos are funny as well as educational and helpful to both LGBT and non-LGBT people. I also quite like their Tumblr. (And I realize the quality of this picture is awful. They're a small YouTuber, it's the only one I can find! Well...without screenshotting one of their videos and cropping it, but that seems like a lot of work.)

Julie Vu


As weird as this sounds, I kind of love watching makeup tutorials/makeup help videos, even though I don't wear makeup. I find makeup tutorials oddly relaxing. You'd be surprised how many makeup people (idk what they're called) I'm subscribed to. That being said, that isn't all that Julie, an insanely funny trans woman, makes videos about. She documented her transition on her channel, and also talks about recent LGBT-related issues in between her makeup videos. And, you know, the occasional vlog. Like ya do.

Stef Sanjati

Another trans woman, but I could honestly call Stef my mom. My bread mom. (If you've never seen her videos, I'm sorry for confusing you.) My real mom has essentially failed me when it comes to helping with my queerness, but Stef is just amazing. Many of her videos might be more help to a trans woman and not someone going the other way, but I still find her videos very educational and sometimes helpful for me as well. Her videos could also be useful if you aren't LGBT and want to know more about the experience of a trans person. And before you know it you're calling her bread mom...

Syd Wolfslayer

Syd is probably the smallest YouTube on this list at not even 200 subscribers currently. Sad, because I genuinely find their videos to be really funny and entertaining. They've only main one video regarding their gender (agender), but the rest of their videos are really good too. Even if they aren't the best video quality...I mean you can't blame them, they have 198 subscribers.

Alex of TheRealAlexBertie

As I mentioned before, Alex is Jake Edwards' (back in the J's) boyfriend. They're adorable, and I forgot to mention that I literally have Alex and Jake as the lock screen on my phone. That's really creep isn't it? Anyway, I found Alex when I was looking for help with my gender. He's helped me so much when it comes to getting information about binders, packers, dysphoria, surgery, etc. Honestly, he was the reason I discovered that I'm not agender as I had previously thought. I realized that I identified more as a guy than as a girl or even agender. That's why I now go by Alex, as a tribute to this Alex that has helped me so much with my gender identity. I mean, I also liked the name, and it's pretty similar to my birth name but whatever.

That seems like a really damn good place to stop. I had no clue that Alex Bertie would be my last person to mention since I just went alphabetically, but I'm glad it ended with him. That seems appropriate. Yay!

Glossary (for those of you who don't know all of the LGBT words):

Basics Words:

LGBT/LGBTQ+: an abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender. Sometimes seen with more letters on at the end that stand for different identities (the Q there is for questioning).
Queer: historically meaning a gay person (usually as a slur), but now is used as an umbrella term for the entire LGBT community, or as a words meaning "not straight." Some people still consider this word a slur.
Sex: categories into which humans and many other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions, including male, female, and intersex
Gender: one’s innermost concept of self as male or female or both or neither—how individuals perceive themselves and what they call themselves. One’s gender identity can be the same or different than the sex assigned at birth. (I stole this from here because I'm not good at complicated definitions.)
Cisgender ("cis man" and "cis woman"): identifying with the gender you were assigned at birth, or being born with the body that matches your gender
Transgender (or "trans"): identifying with a gender other than the gender a person was assigned at birth.
Straight Ally/Ally: A straight, cisgender person that is supportive of the LGBT community/movement.

Transgender-Related Words

Trans Man: a man who was assigned female at birth, or born with female body parts, but is actually a man, not a woman.
Trans Woman: a woman who was assigned male at birth, or born with male body parts, but is actually a woman, not a man.
AFAB: assigned female at birth, or born with female body parts
AMAB: assigned male at birth, or born with male body parts
Misgendering: calling someone the wrong gender than the gender they actually are, also goes for calling them by the wrong name or pronouns (both cisgender and transgender people can be misgendered)
Gender Dysphoria: the terrible feeling a transgender person may get when someone refers to them as the wrong gender (misgendering) or uses their birth name or the wrong pronouns, caused more by other people and your surroundings rather than your body.
Pronouns: words that are used in replacement of a person's name. Ex: he, she, it, they, etc. These are not necessarily based on sex, but gender, and are something a person can choose.
They/Them/Their Pronouns: contrary to popular belief, "they" can be used as a singular pronoun. There are actually two different definitions of the pronoun "they," as you can see here:
Body Dysphoria: (there are many different and complicated definitions, but I'll try) a feeling in transgender people of foreignness in their own body, body parts feel and look wrong to them, they don't recognize themselves in their own bodies, they hate their bodies, etc.
Transition/Surgery: a transgender person may transition, meaning that they will use hormones and surgeries to achieve the body they feel they should have been born with. Usually seen as a clinical procedure rather than a medical one since it is used to reduce dysphoria.
Binder: a tank top/sports bra looking thing used to compress a person's chest to make it appear flatter and reduce chest dysphoria. Usually used by trans guys and AFAB nonbinary people.
Packer: a prosthetic penis used by trans guys/AFAB nonbinary people to reduce bottom dysphoria

Some Nonbinary Genders:

Nonbinary/Genderqueer: identifying as a gender other than male and female, including neither, both, a mixture of the two, somewhere else in between, etc.
Genderfluid: a gender that fluctuates between two or more different genders (usually male and female, but not always)
Agender: having no gender, being genderless, being neither male nor female nor somewhere in between.

Some Sexual Orientations:

Bisexual: being sexually attracted to two genders (sometimes seen as "both genders/sexes") Different people define it different ways
Pansexual: being sexually attracted to all genders, or being sexually attracted to people regardless of gender. Pan people use the phrase "hearts not parts" a lot.
Asexual: having no sexual attraction towards anyone.

Some Romantic Orientations:

Aromantic: having no romantic attraction towards anyone.
Lithromantic/Akoiromantic/Apromantic: a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum. Somebody who is lithromantic can feel romantic attraction towards others and also enjoy being in romantic relationships but only in theory. (Stolen from here...)
Heteromantic: being romantically attracted to the opposite gender
Homoromantic: being romantically attracted to the same gender
Biromantic: being romantically attracted to two genders
Panromantic: being romantically attracted to people regardless of gender, attraction isn't based on gender
Difference between sexual and romantic attraction: I can't explain it, so just go read this instead.

**These definitely AREN'T all of the words related to being LGBT. If you have any questions about gender identity/sexual or romantic orientation/transgender terminology/whatever, I'm happy to answer! (I mean, I'll try, I don't know everything, unfortunately.)**

Do you watch any of these YouTubers? Did you discover any? Do you watch any other LGBT YouTubers I didn't mention?

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