Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Top 10 Words That I Hate

In September of last year I made this post about my favorite words ever. For some reason, I never made a sequel with my least favorite words. Well, not really least favorite words, more like words I really hate. The only other different thing about this post is that these are actually in order from slightly-less-awful to these-words-should-die. Seriously. Kill them.

10. Hiatuses

Hiatus has been my favorite word for a long time, so why do I hate the plural version? Well, because the word hiatus is lovely and amazing. It deserves a much better plural form than HIATUSES. Why not hiati? Now that's a great word worthy of being the plural of my favorite word. The current one makes me want to punch walls.

9. Babe

I don't understand this word. Like, if someone I was dating called me "babe" in a non-ironic way, I would break up with them. It's a stupid word.

8. Answer

I don't like silent letters ever, but a silent w? WHY?!?  Plus, whenever I spell this word I have to sound it out and that makes me angry.

7. Fortune

UGH. I can't stand t's that a ch sound. I hate that sound anyway, but when a t is making it? Not okay. Also, I hate fortune cookies.

6. Gnaw

Can this even be debated? Just...LOOK AT IT. Basically, all the words past this point make me feel nauseous.

5. Mutual

Once again, t's that sound like ch's. Already an issue. But it also took me until I was around 10 to pronounce this word. Even now, I have trouble with it. I'm not entirely sure why, but it did cause a lot of frustration growing up.

4. School

Not only does this word bring back some traumatizing memories, but now ch has now decided that he's going to take over k's job. I do not approve. (Yes, I did just refer to ch as a he. Deal with it.)

3. Hubby

This is kind of the same thing with the word babe, but 100 times worse. I have unsubscribed/unfollowed people for using this word. I honestly can't stand the sound of it. I will not be your friend if you say this word in front of me.

2. Pint

First, the imperial measurement system. Second, the pronunciation of this word has always bothered me. Why is it a long i? I know it's English, but how does that make any sense whatsoever? Third, I dread reading this word out loud because I never say it right without thinking about it. I hate it.

1. Schedule

I really hope that this word is obvious. I mean, not only are schedules one of my least favorite things, but just look at that spelling. It makes me feel ill. Ch's that sound like k's? D's making a j sound? More silent e's? JUST KILL ME INSTEAD.

What words do you hate? (Not dislike, I mean really hate.)

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