Monday, April 4, 2016

I think I finally found a review format that I like...

Since I started this blog, I've been experimenting with different formats of reviewing. I always felt like just putting some information and writing a couple paragraphs wasn't enough, and I think a lot of people feel the same way.

I almost never reviewed books because my format was a mess that changed pretty much every time I wrote a review. But I'm quite happy with this new one I've put together. It's not too complicated or original, but it's more organized and interesting to read than it has been previously. I wanted to know what other people thought before I started using it permanently.

Many people have said that you should come up with a more interesting title for your post than "Book by Author Review" - and I agree.

Some Title That Makes People Want To Read Your Review

Series (if there is one):
Average Goodreads Rating:
Book Rating: *I suggest using pictures (perhaps something not stars, something that represents you/your blog somehow) instead of just saying 5 stars or whatever.*
Cover Rating:


*thoughts on the cover/overall prettiness or nonprettiness of the book*

Activity while reading:

I don't know why I didn't think of including this sooner... I usually write down my thoughts on books while reading them, but why not include them in my actual review?! Maybe at some point I could make this even better by somehow making it into a graph, or some kind of graphic. Like if you had a timeline and small quotes from yourself on specific pages.

This is a thing I like to see in reviews because it's much easier to read than just a bunch of paragraphs - especially a graphic.

**Anyway, here, I suggest you put either Goodreads updates or any notes you wrote to yourself in the book.


I really like this as well. The idea of writing the things you thought about a book directly after you finish it seem like a perspective before your opinions have been influenced by time or other reviews. Just write the things that stick out to you, and you will probably want to mention them in your actual review as well.

Now here's where the choice comes, and it completely depends on the book.

I've found that using the exact same format to explain your thoughts for every book just doesn't work. I have three go-to formats I like the best, but sometimes I just make something up that works. Basically, you don't always need the same format for every review.


Things I liked:

Separate plot, characters, etc. if you wish.

Things I didn't like:

Separate plot, characters, writing etc. if you wish.

**Works well for books you have very distinct likes and dislikes.**





Romance (if applicable):

World-Building (if applicable):

**Works well if you have comments about a part, but you didn't really like or dislike it. For example, if you liked some aspect of the writing and didn't like another, or if there were certain things of which you were not a fan.**



Separate plot, characters, etc. if you wish.


Separate plot, characters, etc. if you wish.

**Works well for books that you really can't make a non-spoiler review for because you're exploding with feels or something, but you still want people who haven't read the book to not hate you. In my opinion, it works best for more popular books because there's a better chance someone will actually read the spoiler section.**

I suggest ending your review by repeating your book rating (preferably a picture of 5 stars or something).


So yeah. If you guys have anything to add or any suggestions, please tell me below! What kind of format do you use to review? What do you look for/enjoy in a review? What do you think of this format?

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