Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Favorite Albums

I feel like I talk a lot about books and myself and ranting, but I never talk about music. Which is strange because it's pretty important to me. So today I'm going to change that, and I'm going to talk about my favorite albums of ALL TIME. Not songs just because I like full albums better....yeah..

My music taste is...interesting and varied. These definitely aren't all the same genre, and most of you probably won't like all of them, but because they're so varied I'm hoping we have something in common!


A Fever You Can't Sweat Out - Panic! At the Disco

I don't think I've ever met anyone that actually HATED Panic! At the Disco. They're a good band. Brendon Urie's voice only gets better with every album. And to me, this album is legendary. And amazing.

Favorite Song: But It's Better If You Do (this varies, honestly, I fluctuate between songs..)


Vices and Virtues - Panic! At the Disco

Same story. This is just one of my favorite albums from them.

Favorite Song: Hurricane (I think, I really can't choose between PATD songs.)

For those of you who know Panic: No, Pretty. Odd. is not on here for the reason of it wasn't entirely my thing. Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! was meh (compared to their other albums), and Death of a Bachelor is too new and hasn't quite reached that legendary status..if you know what I mean...

Ocean Eyes - Owl City

This is actually one of the first albums I got obsessed with, and it's also one of those ones you can't simply HATE. The nostalgia much. Plus this is literally the only album my entire family can listen to. With any other band someone always ends up complaining....

Favorite Song: Tidal Wave (finally I'm actually SURE about one...!!)

Sempiternal - Bring Me The Horizon

Let's just quickly change genres for a minute. I LOVE THIS ALBUM. Unlike some of the others on this list, it's not nearly as universal and many of you won't like it, but it needs to be included in a list of my favorite albums. It just has to.

Favorite Song: Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake

Wretched and Divine - Black Veil Brides

This is slightly more likable than the last one, and it is Black Veil Brides' best and least-screaming album. Maybe some of you will actually like it.
Favorite Song: I Am Bulletproof

The Black Parade- My Chemical Romance

As much as this makes me sound like a typical depressing emo teenager, this is probably within my top three favorite albums of all time. Every one of these songs could be on a list of my favorite songs. I listen to this album basically non-stop. Actually, it might be my favorite album. I love it to death.
Favorite Song: A tie between House of Wolves and Disenchanted

Don't You Fake It - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

I love this album so much. THIS GUYS VOICE. OH MY GOD. There are these small portions of screamo that's kind of...random. And not great. But the guy's voice and the songs are my everything.
Favorite Song: Face Down

Demi - Demi Lovato

If I had just heard if this album now, I don't think I would have bought it. Especially since I don't really like her new music. Or her old music really. But this album is actually REALLY impressive. You know because she's the only female vocalist on this list, as I usually hate female singers, but this album is really really good, okay?

Favorite Song: Shouldn't Come Back

Hot Fuss - The Killers

This album is the perfect amount of catchy and kind of depressing songs, so completely and totally my thing. This album contains several of my favorite songs. As in, songs I can listen to on repeat for several hours without getting bored. Considering I usually get about halfway through most songs before my ADHD kicks in and I have to change the song, that's pretty impressive. Also, if you've never listened to a Killers song, you really should. You don't know what you're missing.

Favorite Song: Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine

What are your favorite albums all time?

PS: I forgot American Idiot by Green Day and you can just deal with that.


  1. Honestly, you may be my new favourite person. MCR, Panic!, the Killers and Green Day <3

    One World, Too Many Pages

    1. I love when I find people with the same music taste as me! :D By the way, I saw on your Goodreads that you like Dan and Phil....are we the same person? <3

  2. The Black Parade is a great album. You have great taste in music.