Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Not On Hiatus

Hello! Um. So I thought I was going to go on hiatus for at least the next week, as well as the hiatus I've already kind of been on since last week. Maybe I'm not now? I don't even know.

The reason I was going to go on hiatus was because last week I was bombarded with projects. For every class. Ha. Ha. Ha. WHYYYYY

So I've basically been spending all my time on these projects as well as other homework as well as other past commitments. Did that leave any extra time for anything else? No, no it did not.

And then snow happened. Even though we were supposed to have "early spring". Silly groundhog. Snow days are not supposed to happen in spring. Yet snow days always happen in spring. Are we sure it's really ever spring?

And now I have an entire extra day to work on the project that was technically due today and the project that's due on Friday and maybe, I don't know, learn math so I don't fail my test that may or may not also be on Friday? And then do the math homework that I didn't have time to do yesterday because I was finishing the project that was technically due today. And then I can read The Diary of a Young Girl that I need to reread for another project! Yay! And of course don't forget about research for all of the other projects!

Oh, you don't have enough time to eat? Sucks to be you. :P

Sorry if you're one of those people that live in too warm of a climate for snow days. I'm sorry. Why do you live there again?

I mean, sure, I probably wouldn't be drowning in work as much if I actually started these things before they were due, but hey, at least I get them done, right?

I'm totally not writing this post in order to procrastinate farther, why would you think that?

What about the gifs? WHAT ABOUT THEM?!?!?!?!?

So am I going on hiatus? Who knows. Depends on how much I procrastinate today. (The answer is yes.)

PS: I just remembered the New Hampshire primary is today. *anxiety*


  1. You're so lucky! I LOVE snow. So much, it could snow everyday and I'd be so happy. Sadly I live in Oklahoma where snow just doesn't happen often. We get some ice every once in a full blue moon but yeah. It's just super hot and windy here. Not good times.
    Good luck on all your projects and homework. I hope you pass every thing with flying colors!

    Carrie @The Book Goddess

    1. I know! I love the snow too. Unfortunately, Ohio also gets extremely hot and sticky in the summer, as well as really cold and dry in the winter. Either way it's uncomfortable. But I'd still rather have that than hot weather year-round.
      Thanks! :D