Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Non-Bookish Pet Peeves

POSSIBLY ON NONHIATUS NOW. Hopefully I'll get a Discussion Question Monday up on Monday, and everything will be back to normal. Sorry I disappeared for, um, most of February...

Anyway, one of my first posts on this blog was called Bookish Pet Peeves That Make Me Want to Scream. That was a year ago. I think my blog has become a little more personal since then, so I wanted to make a post about the pet peeves I have that have nothing to do with books. Most of these being behaviors of people that just really annoy me. Yup.

Lazy people

This is most of the reason I have to take honors classes - because I can't deal with these people. The people that don't do their homework and fail all of their tests and don't give a damn about anything. IT DRIVES ME INSANE. Just just just STOP IT.

Most people are annoyed by people in groups that don't do anything, but no, I care no matter if I'm personally affected or not. People failing classes make me so sad. And angry. I'm that friend that will force you to do your homework and study. Um, are those friends things? Not sure. I will get involved though trust me.


This can go for basically anything. Dumb blondes. Lazy Mexicans. White people are racist. Girls are emotional. British people are proper. Muslims are terrorists. Etc.

SHUT UP. The fact that these things still happen is ridiculous. How stupid do you have to be to stereotype people like this? What kind of person thinks these things are actually true? For everyone!?!? Come on people.

People that force their religion on me/think their religion somehow affects me

I am a self-proclaimed atheist. That doesn't mean I give a fuck what other people believe. You do what you want, and I'll do what I want? Deal?

Well apparently not because so many people bluntly tell me that I'm wrong or stupid for not believing in god daily. I don't go around telling people that they're wrong, why are they doing it to me?

Don't get me wrong, I realize atheists do this as well, but I have more experience with religious people. I.e., my friend's overly religious parents. I wish we'd all just leave each other alone.


Does this really have to be explained? Just stop being a douchebag. And if you say the f-word (the other f-word, as in the one that means gay) one more time I'm going to punch you in the face. Figuratively. Probably.

People that are pro-life but aren't vegan

This has gotten political now, hasn't it?

Well anyway, I'm pretty much both pro-life and pro-choice, but if you say you're "pro-life" and you still support the mass murder of billions of animals every year I'm not going to take your argument seriously. Republicans.

Unorganized people

I'm not the most organized person in the world, trust me. I'm not asking you to color-code your life with and endless stream of highlighters, but you could at least not be a total slob that lives in a pile of files and pizza crusts. AND THEY DON'T EVEN EAT THE PIZZA CRUST!?!?!? Wtf humans.

Or even if you just LOSE THINGS. Just keep track of your stuff people!

People that don't have a case on their phone

And then they get so surprised when they break. Like, what did you expect to happen?

Bathroom stalls you can see through

I know this isn't a thing all over the world, but in most public and school bathrooms in the US you can actually half-see into other bathroom stalls. There are just these little cracks in between the doors and just whyyyyyyyy. It's a blessing when I find a public restroom that doesn't have this. IT'S SO RARE. AND SO ANNOYING.

People that stop to talk to their friends in the hallway

Maybe I'm just the most unsocial person ever, but I never do this?!?? What's wrong with you people? WALK. WHY THE HELL TO YOU THINK YOU'RE LATE TO CLASS ALL THE TIME?!?!

I mean really. Kannst du nicht?

People with really bad geography skills

Ah, yes. Yet another reason I refuse to take regular-level classes.

I can't believe these people actually exist. People that literally think Canada's in Europe and that North America's a country. WTF

Actually using numbers in words

If you type "L8TR" I'm not going to respond. Learn how to type with letters.

Same with "totes" and the like.

When people do an American accent and do a Southern or valley girl accent

I realize that the South is in America, and somebody probably does the valley girl accent thing on a regular basis, but my god I don't sound like that! And I'm pretty sure I'm American! IT'S CALLED THE MIDWEST.

*ignores the 30 minute drive from my house to Kentucky*


Events that require me to wear a dress

I am not a very girly person. I can't stand wearing dresses most of the time. Can I please just wear pants? Please?

Modern art

Not all modern art is bad, but when people pay thousands of dollars for a pile of crap I start questioning people's sanity. There's stuff in the Museum of Modern Art in New York that it's actually just a description with some fancy words and "profound meaning". No physical art. I'm not joking! It's ridiculous. Did they pay money for that???

People making fun of other people's music

When I say my music is my life it's not an exaggeration. I rely on music every second of every day to calm me down and make me feel less...terrible....suicidal...depressed...everything. Whether or not everyone else takes music that seriously is irrelevant, I don't know how much this music means to somebody, so I'm not going to make fun of it.

Bad grammar

If you speak English natively, you should really be able to use the right kind of "there/their/they're" and not confuse "was" and "were". LEARN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE.

Bleach blonde hair and dark roots

I kind of hate bleached hair anyway, it rarely looks good in my opinion, but if you have long dark roots with it as well you just look ridiculous. Maybe I'm just biased considering my roots always just come in blonde.. ;)

Tall people

Okay, yeah, I realize that this isn't something people can control, but could you just...not? I don't want to have to strain my neck just to see your face!

But guys, I'M NOT EVEN THAT SHORT. I'm a little less than average for the US. So dear people that are over 6 foot, STOP IT. Or even like 5'10. You people are too tall.

And people wonder why I prefer females...

Okay, I could probably go on like this for awhile, so let's just stop now.

Do any of these things annoy you as well?

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