Monday, February 1, 2016

Discussion Question Monday: Organization in Blogging

Hello! Welcome to Discussion Question Monday! This week's question is: Do you have to be an organized person to blog successfully?

I don't know if you guys are aware, but I'm the most organized person ever. I don't write my posts in advance, I don't really plan when I'm going to post them, the most organized thing on my blog is these discussion posts, and I feel like the only female ever that's handwriting isn't the neatest thing ever. Thank god I have a keyboard.

Is that hurting me? Yeah, probably. I'm not sure it really helps people to post at the same times every week. I try to post every 2 or 3 days and that works for me... Without any planning I just tend to post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays or Saturdays. Obviously, that doesn't always happen, and I don't really give a damn.

I think most people schedule their posts. Which would totally be useful if I were the kind of person that writes everything all at once, but I'm not, so that hasn't proved to be useful for me. I just write every 2 or 3 days and post it when I think it's ready. I've really never felt the need to schedule things.

Then there are those people that do bullet journals or something like that. But honestly? If I started one of those, I would stop using it within a couple of days. I do use a planner for school-type things, but that's just so I can make myself seem like the organized person I'm not when I have to struggle through human interaction.

Giving myself goals, scheduling things, making lists, etc., has never been something I could really stick at doing. I plan out what I'm going to write that week in my head, and then I write it on the day I want to post it. Is that a bad idea? Maybe. Is it hurting to organiziness of my blog? Probably. Do I care? Not especially. I started this blog for fun, and forcing myself to schedule and post on time seems like such a chore.

Sometimes I'm bothered by the fact that I have no system whatsoever. Sometimes I wish I could be one of those people that has discussions on Monday and reviews on Wednesday and personal posts or something on Friday. But that's just not how my mind works. Sometimes I do a ton of reviews all at once, and other times I do a shit load of personal nonsense that I came up with the day I posted it.

Does it bother you when bloggers do this? Would you rather see a schedule or normal posting days, or more of a winging-it approach? Do you think it affects how you think of those bloggers? Tell me in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! :)

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