Monday, January 4, 2016

Discussion Question Monday: 2nd-Person POV

Hello! Welcome to Discussion Question Monday! Today's question is: Why isn't second-person a more commonly used point-of-view, and should it be?

In pretty much every English class I've ever taken, we tend to skip over 2nd-person whenever we talk about point-of-view. And it annoys the hell out of me.

I actually like reading and writing from second-person. I feel like I'm in the story, like I'm actually part of it. Whereas with first-person and third-person it just feels like someone's telling me the story. It's like I'm personally involved in it...if that makes any sense.

Obviously, second-person is usually only used when directly addressing a reader, and it's not usually used in fiction just because why? Because it throws you into a story. You're no longer reading someone else's story, you're reading your own. You get to be the kickass female protagonist. That's why I like second-person point-of-view.

So I tend to get pissed off when people brush off second-person like it's not important. Like it's not even a valid point-of-view! I've only ever read short stories and parts of books (like Half Bad by Sally Green) that include 2nd-person. Honestly, if someone tells me a book is in second-person I'll probably pick it up not even knowing what it's about. Just it being in second-person has me sold.

Anyway, English teachers, second-person is a valid point-of-view, and the only reason no one uses it is because YOU DON'T TELL THEM THAT IT'S EVEN AN OPTION.

Sorry, English teachers make me a little angry.

Have you ever read a book either partially or entirely in second-person? If so, please please please tell me in the comments as I would love to read it.

What do you think of second-person point-of-view? Do you like reading from it? Do you think it should be used in fiction? Would you write from it?

Thanks for reading! Comment your thoughts on this topic down below!

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