Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Reading/Bookish Challenge!

Hello! I've never done any reading challenge besides the Goodreads Reading Challenge (which I've done and completed the last two years), so this should be interesting.

I am again going to be doing my regular reading challenge of reading 50 books, as well as attempting to complete all of the 25 challenges you see here. I did 25 so I could still have a bit of freedom...

I know there are quite a few of these kinds of things out there, but I couldn't find one I was entirely happy with. I took inspiration from tons of challenges I've seen. No, this is not original in the slightest... Just a list of challenges that I actually want to complete all of.

1. Read a book and watch it's movie adaptation. My originality struggle is real.
2. Read a Doctor Who themed book. I'm so obsessive.
3. Read a YouTuber's book. More YouTuber books...
4. Finish a series. Let's hope this will be as easy as I think it's going to be.
5. Read a classic. Thank you English class for forcing me to do this anyway.
6. Read The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. It was either bluntly put it on here or it's never going to happen.
7. Read the second book in a series. This sounds weird, but it's a real problem for me.
8. Read a Harry Potter book. I'm starting out small...
9. Watch a TV show adaptation of a book series. Thank you Shadowhunters.
10. Read a book you got for Christmas. I would be disappointed in myself if this doesn't happen.
11. Read a self-published book. This might be more difficult than I was hoping.
12. Buy more bookish items. There's never enough.
13. Read a book someone gave to you (but NOT from Christmas). This is harder dammit.
14. Get a new bookshelf that actually has room for expansion. What's sad is what I did this a year and a half ago.
15. Finish a manga series. If I do, I might even be able to get to 75 books this year.. XD
16. Read a book over six hundred pages. Gemina (Illuminae #2), won't you help me with this goal? :D
17. Read a wintery book. In summer like you did last year...
18. Read an eBook. You'd be surprised how little this happens.
19. Read a co-authored book. DAVID LEVITHAN HERE I COME
20. Read a book in one day. Totally possible, right?
21. Read a book set outside of the US (but still in a real country...) Let's see how this goes.
22. Read a contemporary book. Haha. Like this is going to happen. FANTASY FTW
23. Read a book with less than 200 pages. Please be as quick of a read as you sound, future book.
24. Read a book you meant to read in 2015. That's most of the books I own.
25. Listen to an audiobook. From a library! NO FAIR, SELF, THIS IS TWO CHALLENGES IN ONE. LIKE I WANT TO GO TO A LIBRARY. GROSS. (No offense to those of you who like libraries, I'm just not a fan.)


I hope these challenges don't kill me. That last one...I don't know if I'm going to make it.

Are you doing a reading challenge in 2016? Good luck if you are! Have a great reading year regardless..! :D

Thanks for reading!


  1. I have been looking for 2016 challenges and so far I want to do the Rock My TBR challenge (I don't know if that's the exact title)! Good luck with your book challenge! I know you can finish it. :D

    Oh and if I may ask, what manga series do you have in mind? :)

    Denise @ I am Shelfless

    1. Thanks! Good luck on yours as well!

      I've been reading the Rosario+Vampire series, which I wouldn't exactly recommend, but it's defiantly entertaining. I'm planning to read more manga this year in general, though I'm not sure which ones besides that one yet. :)