Monday, December 21, 2015

Discussion Question Monday: Manga

Hello! Welcome to Discussion Question Monday! Today's question is: JK I can't phrase a question for this so it's more like "the pros and cons of manga". Sorry?

I have quite a few friends that are into manga, and last Friday I was semi-forced to finally read one (two actually...). It was Rosario+Vampire by Akihisa Ikeda. Not recommended, sorry. So I've had it on my mind a bit lately, and I realized there are some good things about it. But also some terrible things. So I decided to make a pros and cons list....


1. They're short. I.e., good for end-of-the-year cramming of your Goodreads Reading Challenge. Now I only have one book left to read to reach my goal! It's also kind of great to be able to get into series quickly. Like, they go so fast you don't really get bored. Unless it's bad...
2. They get you out of your reading slump. At least they do for me. I read two books in one day! Then I get the urge to keep reading all of the books, apparently. For me reading many books equal reading even more books. I get excited to read!
3. The covers match. And it looks awesome on a shelf. Most of them even have obvious numbers on the spines! It's pretty exciting. I love it. Just look at the beautifulness of all the books together. :D


1. They're EXPENSIVE. These are $10 books that only take you an hour to read. That's a little ridiculous. I realize they have to take their time with the pictures or whatever, but it still feels like a rip off to barely get any reading time out of the $10 book. This is why I just borrow them from friends.
2. It's hard to go back and forth between manga and books. I can pretty easily get used to the motion of reading books from right to left (Manga/Japanese in general is read from right to left, in case you were unaware...), but switching back and forth is kind of difficult. And because these books are so short I tend to finish them and then go straight into a regular book. This is a legitimate problem I have...
3. Some series are quite long. The one I started a couple days ago has around 24 books currently available. Starting these things are occasionally a commitment of both your time any money. That's what, $240 in total for the entire series? THAT'S A LOT.

What do you think? Have any of you actually read manga...? Or am I just talking to myself over here......? If you have, I'd love to know your opinion on these points. If you haven't, then do you think manga is worth it? Would you go out an entire series worth of them?

Thanks for reading! Please leave your thoughts on this topic in the comments below! :)

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