Monday, December 7, 2015

Discussion Question Monday: Fandoms

Hello! Welcome to Discussion Question Monday! Today's question is: What goes into a fandom?

I love this because most of these apply to more fandoms than just books, and as someone who's in many fandoms not having anything to do with books, that makes me happy.


This is probably one of the best parts of fandoms. Whether you ship Percabeth or I don't know...some One Direction something (I'm clueless), it seems every fandom has it's own ships and OTPs.

Obviously, it gets a little creepy when it's with real people, but no matter what it's fun, and an essential part of the greatness of the fangirl experience.

Until, like me, you start shipping people you know in real life like your friends or strangers and they get a little freaked out. Or worse, excited. When Gayley used to be your life and Dorrett? Gorothy? comes along and the OTPs kill me this sounds weird what. And no, I didn't expect you to understand that, and I have no idea if the people that would understand that actually read this thing.


Honestly, it's not a fandom without fanfiction. You don't have fanfiction? You don't have a fandom. CAN YOU EVEN NAME A FANDOM WITHOUT FANFICTION?!??!?

Fanfiction is also a great way to connect to other people that are just as crazy and obsessive over *insert fandom here* as you are. It's the reason I get to deeply into things.


You could all love Throne of Glass. But half of you are team Chaol and the other half are team Dorian. Strangely, a good amount of fun (at least for me) comes from arguing about which hot guy is better than some other hot guy. Though I guess this really only applies to fandoms where both guys are actually not terrible and people actually disagree (as in, nobody likes Aspen unless they're just...insane).

This could also just the arguments about liking characters or which character/seriously freaked out real person is best. Like some people like Peeta, I, on the other hand, do not. I don't like Gale either. I think Katniss should be single. *intense discussion/argument begins* But we're still part of the same fandom, you know?

Inside Jokes/References

Alright, I'm actually no longer sure which one of these is my favorite. THEY'RE ALL JUST SO GREAT. As I list them I just fall in love with each one and now I can't pick any more.

Anyway, it could be "the hat fic" or "who the hell is Jenny?" (Please tell me if you got those by the way, that would be great.) Either way it's really really really fun to confuse the other people around them that aren't part of that fandom. Then you can also explain it and slowly drag them down into the world of the fandom and have them become one of us.

Inside jokes are great no matter what they're about, but when they're about fandoms? YES PLEASE.

Cosplaying/T-Shirts Related to Said Fandom

The sad thing is, I've never really cosplayed before, at least not any kind of serious setting, and I wasn't exactly trying very hard. Basically, I put on a fez and constantly pressed all the buttons on my sonic screwdriver. I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A BOW TIE. I'm obviously not taking this seriously enough.

Wearing merch (bought or handmade), I've found, is a good way to find friends and attract people of your kind. Though, if you are anything like me, people may begin to find it confusing when you seem to be into everything ever.

I think I got everything. What else do you think goes into a fandom? If you have anything to add or comments about what you thought of my list feel free to leave it in the comments! I do think I did a pretty good job though, at least with the things that are inclusive to all fandoms. :)

Thanks for reading!


Fandoms included in this list:
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
One Direction
Gayley (I wish I could point you to the now deleted Wattpad fanfic...)
Throne of Glass
The Selection
The Hunger Games
The Phandom (danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil)
My Chemical Romance
Doctor Who
And no, I do not consider myself a part of all of these fandoms.
Also, I'm wondering how many of you knew what all of these when I referenced them in the text. Or am I just confusing you? That's also possible.


  1. Lovely post Skye!
    Fandoms are great :) The only name that confused me was Gayley..
    And btw, Peeta is at least a better choice than Gale, although I agree that Katniss would be perfectly fine being single.

    Myra @ I'm Loving Books

  2. Awesome post Skye!
    So real, so many FEEELS! No you didn't confused me but for the shipping names. In the saga of The Hunger Games I imagined me as Katniss and I'm team Peeta for what happened; but until the second book I thought that everything would be better with only her family and her best friend Gale.
    I think you didn't forget anything for what you can explain with words (feels, huge obsessions, accidental crushes and other fangirl experiences!)
    P.S. You should cosplay seriously it is amazing! 2015 is the first year of cosplaying for me, I was Katniss (

  3. I love shipping characters and then all the inside jokes that come from them. I don't know if you've read the book Ask the Passengers by A.S. King, but in it the character sends love to all the airplanes she sees and I've developed the habit. Does that count?

    Anyway, I'm hosting an event called "12 bloggers of christmas" on my blog and I was wondering if you were interested?