Monday, November 9, 2015

Discussion Question Monday: Book Buying Bans

Hello! Welcome to Discussion Question Monday! Today's question is: Should we all go on book buying bans?

I've seen people have this problem for years. They buy tons of books way faster than they could ever realistically read them, and they then end up with a completely overwhelming TBR pile.

It seems I have fallen into this trap. I mean, I can't buy books like some people with actual jobs can (which is probably best, as I have no self control), but I'm still buying books way faster than I'm reading them...

Many people that develop these problems with buying books and a lack of self-control end up attempting to go on book buying bans. Those occasionally work.

I would say I was going on a book buying ban for the next few months, but honestly I kind of ran out of money, and I don't really have an easy way to get more. Basically, I'm being forced into this.

But do they really work? Countless people go on book buying bans only to be sucked back into a bookstore where they buy all the books in sight.

I would say, just be careful. Buy a couple books a month, but don't go overboard. But also don't totally stop buying books because you WILL eventually give into your craving.

Or you could just not have any money. That works too.

Have you ever gone on a book buying ban? Did it work? Do you need to? Comment your thoughts on this topic down below!

Thanks for reading!

PS: And then I discovered Barnes & Noble's 2nd Annual Signed Copies Black Friday thing and this whole thing goes downhill and I give up. MUST BUY ALL THE BOOKS

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  1. I'm kind of lucky with this as we've only got limited room in our caravan - I have to read and swap out each book before I can physically fit another one on the shelf!
    But my Goodreads TBR list is becoming scary and there must be a couple of dozen titles backed up on my Kindle. I can't see I would ever be able to stick to a book buying ban either :-)