Monday, November 23, 2015

Discussion Question Monday: Awesome Bookshelves

Hello! Welcome to Discussion Question Monday! Today's question is: Why do we all need awesome/creative/goals bookshelves?

We've all seen our fair share of "normal" bookshelves. The ones that are merely wooden boxes with horizontal boards made of even more wood stuffed in these boxes that somehow/magically/who cares stay in place. But what about those bookshelves (that exist only on Pintrest) that basically describe the life goals and wishes of every bookworm that has ever existed?

Awesome bookshelves are the kind of bookshelves that make you question why YOU do not have this bookshelf. But, you know, most of don't really want to put in all the time/money it takes to build/make someone else build this kind of bookshelf.

These bookshelves are amazing. They're all I've ever wanted! They're creative and fun and filled with books. There is nothing better.

The amount of time and planning it would take the make something like this...scares me a little. But I have actually been thinking of doing something along these lines within the next few months. Which is a little unfortunate since I did only get my current bookshelves a little over a year ago... Whatever.

What do you think of these creative and awesome shelves? Do you want to do it yourself? Would you
put in the time? Or would you just rather looks at the pictures?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey! Just letting you know that the images don't show up. Otherwise, great post :)