Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dewey's 24-Hour Readathon TBR (October, 2015)

Hello! It's that time of year again! (I guess, I may have just remembered this thing.) I am going to be participating in the Dewey's 24-Hour Readathon this weekend, and I thought I'd post a TBR. 'Cause why not.

This is probably going to be the readathon of finishing all these books I've started. I've started a ton, actually. I haven't even gotten halfway through most of them.

Also, sorry about the lack of Discussion Question Monday this week. It WILL be back next week. It was just a bit of a crazy weekend for me, and it didn't happen.

1. The Sword of Summer (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard #1) by Rick Riordan

I started this.... Maybe the day after it came out, and I'm absolutely loving it so far. I'm only like 100 pages in though. I am a failure.


2. Hex Hall (Hex Hall #1) by Rachel Hawkins

I love Rachel Hawkins, and I have been loving this book so far, but I haven't finished it so. I'm disappointed in myself.

3. Looking for Alaska by John Green

Of course, I've already read this book, but I got the 10th anniversary edition and it was all pretty and I wanted to read it again. I haven't read it for a year and a half! It must be done!

Also, there's a bunch of extra stuff in this edition, and I want to reread the book before I read the extra things.

That's going to be it for now. Obviously, if I finish one of these books before the readathon starts I'll most likely pick out another one, but for now this is it. I really have to finish these.

Are any of you participating in Dewey's 24-Hour Readathon? If you aren't, I actually highly suggest you do. It's a great way to get out of a reading slump and pick your reading challenge back up!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Oooh, I have less than 20 pages left in Magnus Chase! It's super good, hope you enjoy it! :D
    ~Erika @ Books, Stars, Writing. And Everything In Between.