Saturday, September 5, 2015

Read My Book?

Hello! So over the past few months I have mentioned my book occasionally. Now I'm going to actually talk about it....

Just a few minutes ago I published the first chapter of my book on my Wattpad account. Kind of a little freaked out (little is quite the understatement), as I've never published anything on Wattpad before, much less made my creations available to the general public.

Now before I give you the link to go read this book, I thought I would tell you what it's about, and also warn you a bit....

The description:

Camille is too smart for her own good.
She's been depressed for as long as she can remember.
Her move a few months ago hasn't helped much.
Her mom is an alcoholic. That isn't helping either.
The day she decides to kill herself on turns out to be the day that ruins her life for good.

Alex is invisible.
It's like nobody even knows his name.
He'd kill for the attention Camille is getting.
He wishes that she'd understand why she's so lucky.
At least she's not terrified of what lies ahead.

So you might be thinking, what the hell is this? Well, glad you asked.

This book is both rated as mature and has a warning, so if you're sensitive and/or depressed/self-harming/suicidal, you shouldn't read this book.

Now, this might scare you, as it rightfully should. This is not a happy book (I don't write happy things), and I'm not promising any happily ever after. Sorry if you're not into that....

But I would just like to point out that it would be amazing if you did read my story. Constructive criticism is something that would be appreciated... I think. It depends on how you say it I guess. But nice things would also be appreciated.

If you still want to read it after all that, then here's the link. Have fun.

Thanks for reading!

PS: I'd also like to point out that all the books I've ever written have female characters whose name starts with "C" and has an "l" in it. They're not always (or usually) main characters, but this one happens to be...

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