Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Magnus Chase Excitements

Hello! The first book in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series comes out on October 6th, 2015. And I'm really excited. Like, more excited than I ever was for The Blood of Olympus.

Also, I can't wait to look at that cover in person. THE WOLF! The wolf is beautiful. I want it.

I've read the first three chapters, thanks to a Barnes & Noble sampler (if you have B&N where you live, definitely go try and find this), the sneak peek in The Crown of Ptolemy, and the USA Today website that had a random excerpt. Cool.

Anyway, I absolutely ADORED the first three chapters! I have higher expectations for this series much more now than when I read BoO.... (Ugh). Which is probably a bad thing, but I wanted to explain why.

I don't know much about Norse mythology, well okay, close to none. When reading Percy Jackson, The Heroes of Olympus, and The Kane Chronicles, I had a bit of a background on the mythology. Whereas here, I have nothing. I can't even pronounce MOST of the names. I can't even bother to try.

Also, from reading the first few chapters, I got to say, I think I like Magnus better than Percy. I think it's actually really awesome that Rick made him so different from Percy. He just has a different feel t\o him. I mean, he's homeless, so I would expect that, but I'm glad it works so well.

Here are some quotes that have made me even more excited, and also kind of describe Magnus's character a bit:

*BTW these are quotes from the chapter sampler that may change in the final book*

"Sorry if that offends your sense of right and wrong.
Oh, wait. No, I'm not."

"The family mansion sucked."

"Blah, blah, blah, rich-people-live-here details."

"'Wow! That sounds cool, Magnus! Can I die in agony too?'"

I think I like Magnus better mostly because he's less of a goody-two-shoes Percy, and more of an anti-hero. Which I don't read a lot, but kind of love.

Also , I'm very interested to know what the page count is for this book, as many sites seem to disagree. Amazon says 512, Wikia says 528, and the chapter sampler that I have actually says 640 (which is a lot). I guess I may not know until I actually get my book....

If you haven't realized during the several times I've told you, I AM EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK! Going to get it the day it comes out as always, blah blah blah.

Thanks for reading! Are you as excited for Magnus Chase as I am?!?!!?

PS: Excert of chapter two from USA Today
Buy The Crown of Ptolemy with chapter one
Pre-Order Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard Book One: The Sword of Summer

If you don't have a Barnes & Noble near you (where they have FREE samplers of the first three chapters), than I suggest you look in other bookstores that may have chapter samplers (though I'm not sure if any others have them, it's usually a B&N exclusive, but I'm not sure...)

PSS: I'm also really excited because I'll be able to review a Rick Riordan book! Which I haven't been able to do because he hasn't had any new books (except for Greek Gods that I'm currently reading) since I started this blog! This is exciting okay!

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