Monday, September 7, 2015

Discussion Question Monday: Readers Writing Books

Hello! Welcome to Discussion Question Monday! This week's question is: Should readers write books?

Also, happy Labor Day. I don't know why we have it exactly, but I don't have school, so works for me.

The reason I'm bringing this up is because I've seen a lot of people that are avid readers, but don't want to write books, or don't think they'd be good at it. Which doesn't make much sense to me. If you can review a book, shouldn't you be able to write one?

I feel like a bit of a hypocrite saying this, because I've never actually finished writing a book... I've started dozens, but ADHD is not helpful when writing wants to happen.

For the people that don't want to write, I don't even understand you. You're critical about books you review, so doesn't that mean you'll be able to write the perfect book? Of course, you may think you won't be good at it. Well, you couldn't always speak either, and look at you now! Practice makes perfect. So practice.

It really bothers me when people don't want to write. It's like they don't want to get their opinions out there. They think their opinion on a subject isn't important, but it is.

If anything, writing doesn't hurt anything, and it seems to have quite a few positive benefits. You never quite know what life is like for authors until you become one.

To be honest, writing constantly can help you better understand yourself, and who you want to become. Any kind of creative output is, really, but for readers, I would definitely suggest writing.

So YES. I really think everyone should write, it's a skill that will come in handy your entire life, and I don't really understand why so many people don't. You should. Like right now. Trust me.

What do you think? Do you think all readers should write? Do you write, as well as read? If not, is there a reason not to? Have you ever wanted you write? Have you tried and then given up?

Thanks for reading!

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