Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Hello! So Sunday was the last day of the BookTubeAThon, and I'm sorry to say I failed....

Well okay, I didn't fail all that badly, but I still did definitely fail. Here are the books I read this last week:

1. The Fairy's Mistake by Gail Carson Levine

Pages: 87
Challenge: Finish a book without letting go of it

2. The Undesirables by S. Celi

Pages: 245
Challenge: Read a book by an author who shares the same first letter of your last name

3. Tease by Amanda Maciel

Pages: 321
Challenge: Read a book you really want to read
Review (I didn't like it, quite disappointing really.)

4. Champion (Legend #3) by Marie Lu

Pages: 369
Challenge: This doesn't actually fit any of the challenges XD

5. Sister Light, Sister Dark by Jane Yolen

Pages: 256
Challenges: Read a book with blue on the cover, read someone else's favorite book

6. The Crown of Ptolemy (Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles Crossover #3) by Rick Riordan

Pages: 63
Challenge: Read the last book you acquired

7. Never Always Sometimes by Adi Alsaid

So I didn't finish this book.... I got about 96 pages in, and then it was 11:30pm and I gave up.... BUT I WAS REALLY CLOSE!!!!

So I failed, but I didn't ENTIRELY fail. Try again next year?

Thanks for reading! How did your BookTubeAThon for?

PS: Sorry about the absence of pictures and also the absence of posts... I will in Florida for the next week or so and I have resorted to posting this on my phone because of the iffy Wi-Fi. I'm hoping I can get that figured out in the next couple of days.... At least by next Tuesday? :)

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