Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Celebrate Diversity/Diverse Characters

Hello! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's topic is diversity/diverse characters.

So I just realized that I really haven't read that many diverse books, and the ones that I have tend to be LGBT based and that's kind of sad. I'm just going to list some books, but there's not going to be ten....

1. Proxy by Alex London

So I'm actually currently reading this book and absolutely loving it... This book includes both racial diversity and LGBT elements while also being an action-packed dystopian novel. It's kinda GREAT.

2. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

Again...we have LGBT stuff because I'm just now realizing that's all there is on my bookshelf. This book definitely focuses around that a lot more than Proxy though. Umm I don't entirely remember what this book was about.

3. Every Day by David Levithan

Because David Levithan has very diverse books.... Every Day is complicated..? It has some sexuality issues and also some gender identity stuff... WOW I haven't read these books in awhile.

4. Half Bad (Half Bad Trilogy #1) by Sally Green

In this one the main character's friend is gay (because all we have are gay males apparently). And...he has a crush on the main character and the main character's girlfriend person (and then the second book happened) is horrible and I don't like her and it would be better if she just kind of died or something... Basically he should end up with his friend because he's awesome.

5. The House of Hades (Heroes of Olympus #4) by Rick Riordan

HAHAHA Oh this was horrible.... This entire book was a mistake. So was the series in general. I feel like if I tell you why this book is "diverse" I'll spoil something for you.

6. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

I'm really trying hard here.... Obviously there's a religious minority, but I feel like a lot of people don't exactly known that it also includes LGBT elements as well. It also includes long discussions about fountain pens because why not???

7. Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper

I KNOW I wouldn't like this book as much if I read it now. But I read it when I was about ten and loved it to death... I love that this book features a main character with a disability (I can't remember what because it was one of those big words I never even attempted to pronounce or remember when I was ten) and it still made her sound like a person and not a "person with a disability". Also, it's a children's book. Which is awesome.... I also just went down through this book's Goodreads page and realized it was set in Ohio... Wait? Did I miss that? I tend to notice those things in books...

ANNDD I'm out of books. I guess that's the end of Top Seven Tuesday for me then...

Thanks for reading!


  1. I really enjoyed Half Bad and can't wait for Half Lost, though have never really considered it as a diverse book before. But hey, I think every book should have at least a few paragraphs dedicated to a fountain pen. That book really should be compulsory reading...
    On the topic of LGBT books, I'd recommend Read Me Like a Book by Liz Kessler, if you're interested. I'm not sure if it's out in America yet - but it's definitely worth looking at.
    Great list... it's a shame there aren't more things on it... :)

    1. I'm definitely going to be reading Half Lost, though the second book got me to the point of nearly thowing up....
      And I think the long fountain pen discussions would bore most people. I really like fountain/quill pens so maybe I'm just weird.
      Also, I tried to look that book up on Amazon, and if I CAN get it here it would be very difficult. If I really wanted it I could probably buy it from the UK version of Amazon...I'm not even sure if that will work. Yeah, I don't know. If I ever see it!
      I didn't even realize the lack of diverse books is read until I made this list. Now I have to go find all of the diverse books....