Friday, July 3, 2015

Paper Towns Tour?!?!?!?

Hello! Just as a warning, this post has no point. It's basically just my excitement and disbelief.....
So if you don't know, the stops for the Paper Towns: Get Lost Get Found Tour were announced a few days ago.... The states they will be stopping are Texas, Indiana, and....Ohio. No seriously. Um what? Other people live here?
Oh by the way I live in Ohio, you know, if you didn't get that.
Mostly I'm just surprised it wasn't, like, California or something. That would have made so much more sense.
Oh and guess what city they're going to? Columbus. Never heard of it? I'm not surprised.... Usually tours go to Cincinnati (which, awesomely, is exactly where I live), because there are people there. Well okay, more people live there. I kinda doubt you've heard of that either....
Basically, I don't know why they're coming to Ohio, and I don't know why they're going to Columbus...
I mean, I'm still going, but I could pretty easily go to the Indianapolis one too...but still.
I warned you! This post doesn't have a point!
Thanks for reading! Anybody else close enough to go?

(P.S. I'm also going to Night on the Towns which is awesome.)


  1. This post has made me green with envy... There aren't hardly any book events where I live. All book events that I can go to usually mean really long train journeys and then getting really lost...

    1. Actually, there really aren't that many here. Most of the big events are in New York or Florida or something..... This is actually kind of rare. We only really get tour stops here if we're on the way to a bigger city. That's why I was so surprised...