Saturday, July 18, 2015



Hello!!! So if you don't know, the Paper Towns Get Lost Get Found Tour came to my state (Ohio) a few days ago. And the first 250 people in line got to see an advanced screening of the Paper Towns that evening. I was one of those 250 people (I was like 86th in line, I got there EARLY). YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

It was an exciting time. Especially because they didn't tell us the advanced screening was happening until they gave us the invitation to come. Everyone was FREAKING OUT.

So I'm going to do a review of the movie. Needless to say I LOVED IT.

WARNING: I may spoil the book/movie in this review. It depends on what exactly you call a "spoiler". And besides, you should have read the book by now.



For those you who wanted a movie EXACTLY like the book (no exceptions!!!), you may be disappointed. Let me tell you want exactly has changed here.
  • Q goes to prom. Basically they switched it up so they're trying to get back for prom. And graduation is just one of those wrapping up high school end of the movie type of things.
  • Only Q talks to Margo. The rest of them want to get back to prom, so they leave Q in Agloe and eventually he finds her after getting a ticket back to Orlando in that I-gave-up-and-then-she-magically-appeared kind of way.
  • There is no Sea World. At all. They just do the revenge plot and call the city a paper town and then go back to bed. No Sea World....
  • Radar's girlfriend (Angela?) goes with them, which actually ended up being VERY entertaining. Though that was mostly because Lacey was there. I really thought it was a good decision.
  • Margo is much more likable at the end. I know a lot of people really hated Margo at the end of the book (though actually I didn't), but she definitely explains herself better in the movie. Also, the other characters aren't there to yell at her for being a horrible friend so that may be part of it.
To be completely honest with you, none of these things really bothered me much. But I'm sure they will probably bother some other people so I wanted to mention it.

Though I was kind of disappointed that Margo didn't say the entire speech about how the cities a paper town, it's defiantly more condensed in the movie. Which because that's my favorite part of the whole book it made me a little sad....

My dad (who also watched the movie) thought their were plot holes relating to how Margo got to Agloe and survived in general. I thought this was explained, but apparently it wasn't explained all that well or something.

IT'S NOT MARGO'S STORY. It's Q's. I feel like the common misconception here is that Margo is the main character. She's not. The story is not from her point of view and how she fed herself when she was gone is not really all that important to the plot.

I would also like to point out that Cara Delevingne (Margo) has a pretty believable American accent. There were definitely times when some words would sound a little strange, but for the most part her accent was great.

The rest of the cast was also really surprisingly good. Though honestly my NEW favorite is Halston Sage who plays Lacey. I wasn't even really expecting her to be so great, but even though Lacey wasn't my favorite character in the book she definitely became one of my favorite characters on screen.

I'd also like to point out that I missed John Green's cameo once when they showed us a sneak peek during the regular tour stuff and again when I saw the entire movie. I feel kind of bad about it actually....

ALSO. If you haven't heard who's in the surprise cameos, DON'T SPOIL YOURSELF. It's going to be better if you don't know it's coming! But the surprise one is pretty obvious trust me. You won't miss it. John Green's is way less obvious. I still feel bad :(


YES. You guys should go see this movie right when it comes out (in your country obviously). What's really sad is that I'm seeing it AGAIN on Thursday (before it comes out in the US on Friday) for Night on the Towns. Which I'm still excited about for some strange reason.

At least this time I can watch my friend's reaction to a certain cameo. And then attempt to see John Green's cameo for the THIRD time.... Also posters. Can't have too many posters!

Thanks for reading! Go see this movie!


  1. I'm tempted to fly over to America just to see this... I'm glad that it doesn't follow the book exactly - I'm not sure it would have worked as well if it did.
    I'm so jealous! Books always seem to come out first in America though...

    1. That sounds....very expensive. It's only a month away YOU CAN DO IT!!
      And the changes didn't really bother me much, though I few of them were kind of annoying. I guess it wouldn't have worked as well as a movie, but the movie was really short! It could have been 15 minutes longer without anyone complaining!
      And that's only with American authors/movies. When they're made in the UK they usually come out first there.