Monday, July 20, 2015

Discussion Question Monday: Rereading Books

Hello! Welcome to another Discussion Question Monday!! This week's question is: Should we be rereading books?

So I don't usually reread books ever. Sometime I'll go back through books I really like and reread my favorite parts, but I'll never really reread an entire book.

I'm sure this I mostly because I have enough books to read as it is....and if I've already read a book once it seems like a waste of time. Especially because I have a pretty good memory and I tend to remember a lot about the books I read, even if it's been years since I've read them.

I almost wish I could reread books, because I do actually kind of like books that look like they've been read a hundred times. There are a few books on my shelf that I've just had so long they kind of fell apart one way or another, even if I only read them once.

But is rereading books really a waste of time? If you reread your favorite books often, would you know them better and therefore have a greater attachment to your book? Does it really matter how MANY books you read as long as you're reading books (even if that means rereading) that you love?

I mean obviously it's an issue if you don't ever read more than just a few books, what if your favorite book is one you never pick up because your to busy rereading books you've already read? But the more you read a book, the better you'll know it and the more things you'll notice that you hadn't noticed before.

Personally, as long as you're reading other books in between, I think rereading your favorite books would be fun, who doesn't want well-worn, loved books on their shelf? Well unless you're one of those over-obsessive people that thinks books have to look new after 5 years on a shelf.

Honestly, I don't think books should just sit on your shelf. I know I don't do a lot of rereading, but I think I really should start doing that more. There are so many books I love on my shelf that I've only read once, and that was years ago! Rereading, in my opinion, is definitely something book lovers should do every once and awhile. (Including me....)

What do you think? Do you reread books? Do you think you should? Should you try to read as many books as possible and never reread books you've read already?

Thanks for reading! Please comment your opinion on this topic down below! :)

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