Monday, July 6, 2015

Discussion Question Monday: Books Being Turned Into Movies/TV Shows

Hello! Welcome to Discussion Question Monday! This week's question is: Should books be turned into movies/TV shows?

Obviously, a LOT of books have been turned into movies recently, and fans of the books seem to get super excited when this happens. But there are a lot of issues with this....

There's always the fear of the next Percy Jackson movie.... Which everyone everywhere thoroughly hated. For good reason!

We seem to want a movie that's exactly like the book. Right down to the color of the character's eyes. Which is a little too picky if you ask me, unless they completely forget the plot of the book and go spinning off track in so many different ways they ruin the series chances at moviedom as a whole and becomes the movie that no one dare speak about....

But there's a bigger problem... When the stories become TOO popular, other tiny authors try to copy the book entirely with different character names, or at least create a book in the same genre. (Vampires, dystopia, etc.) And that definitely gets old considering that I can barely pick up a book that includes vampires without thinking Twilight wannabe.

At the same time, though, book-to-movie adaptations tend to get people to read, and that's a plus. If all these people discover a love for reading just because they wanted to see The Hunger Games, isn't that just kind of great? Movie adaptations do a fantastic job of pulling non-readers into the world of reading.

So what do YOU think? Should books be turned into movies?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I've got nothing against books being turned into films - and the fact that it does introduce people to reading is always an added bonus. Though, admittedly, the film always seems to be worse than the book - and I'm not sure if that will ever change. If a book gets a lot of hype, then will the film/TV show ever reach the standard set by the book? Percy Jackson certainly had a lot to live up to and disappointed a lot of fans - but is that just because people don't want to see their favourite stories warped into something that actually works on screen?
    Maybe they should let book geeks write the films...

    1. I feel like the real issue is that fans of the book want a movie that is literally the book on a screen, which is pretty unrealistic. At the same time I feel like Percy Jackson went a little overboard and completely changed the plot... But the fact that Annabeth's hair wasn't blonde doesn't really effect the story much (unless you really try to make a claim about how that detail impacted the plot).
      If book geeks made the movies, I honestly think that wouldn't help. We all imagine characters differently and SOMEONE'S going to get angry about a casting choice. I think book geeks want a movie to be an on-screen, and sometimes that just can't happen. If a book geek tried to do that they would really only make the other book geeks happy, and it might ruin the chances of bringing more people into the fandom, and maybe even ruining the hope of other movies.
      It's sad, but true.