Monday, July 13, 2015

Discussion Question Monday: Adding Books to Series

Hello! Welcome to Discussion Question Monday! Today's question is: Should authors add unexpected books to series?

So I think the most well-known example of this is the Selection "Trilogy" where they announced two more books after releasing the third book. I think a lot of people were excited, but others were annoyed because they thought the series was over. And The One wraps everything up! Your making us go through the end of a series AGAIN? ONCE IS ENOUGH!

Spin-offs series definitely go into this too. I mean, it was hard enough letting Percy go once, now your giving me nearly 3000 more pages just to take him away again, not to mention an ending that does no justice to the series as a whole?

But the question here is should authors add more books. Sure, it makes them more money, but wouldn't they get more money starting a new series as a possibly better known author now? It also seems to annoy fans and non-fans alike.

I know a lot of people that refuse to read spin-offs, even if they're told countless times that they're just as good as the original.

So do you like additions to series or spin-offs? Is one better than the other? Is it a good decision for authors to make?

I honestly think no. While it's nice to have more of your favorite characters for awhile, it's still pretty painful to have to go through their book's ending AGAIN. Though I guess it would help authors that are having a bit of writers block make more money....though so do novellas.

What do you think?


  1. Personally, unexpected additions to series don't bother me greatly, though I don't seem to bother as much about my favourite books ending either. (Though the Heroes of Olympus series was a mistake, admittedly - I hope Rick Riordan is regretting that ending...). What DOES annoy me, however, are spin-offs that have clearly just been written to make money. Joseph Delaney's 'Spooks' books are a good example (you probably haven't heard of them, they're not that popular - but they're based around the area I live. A film of the first book was released recently, 'Seventh Son'?). Yeah, they're good books, but the author seems perfectly content to drag out the series to an almost unspeakable length. What could have been five books is now fifteen, with about five spin-offs and another trilogy to follow on from them.
    I should probably get round to reading The One series sometime - so I actually know what people are talking about...

    1. Yeah, some spin-offs (and also novellas) were obviously written to make money, but sometimes authors actually do need the extra money, which is understandable.
      I actually liked The Heroes of Olympus series as a whole, but The Blood of Olympus was quite a disappointment. Also, I'm pretty sure the story is going to go into the Magnus Chase series as well, which may be why it didn't end particularly well.
      And as for the Selection series, just don't bother. It's like a reality TV show, it's horrible, but you keep watching to find out what happens. Read it if you really want to, but it's really not worth it.