Monday, June 8, 2015

Discussion Question Monday: Why Do We Own Books?

Hello! It's Monday again! Apparently....I just realized that. This week I'm going to ask you (and myself) this question: Why do we own books???

It seemed kind of stupid to me at first, but then I thought about it some more, and figured that it is a little weird.

The Issue:

We (well, I) spend a lot of money on books, and a lot of time reading books, and more time writing blog posts about books.

Mostly I don't know about the money thing. Why don't more of us go to the library?

And why do we read at all? I'm questioning my entire life purpose here!!!!

Some would say that it's fun, and I agree, but why don't more book lovers go to a library or borrow books instead of buying them? And bookshelves. And bookmarks.

My Reasoning:

Ummmm..... Okay, I don't really know. I've heard people say that they like to collect books as well as read them, but I think I just like having books around me.

Books are like my five-year-old-self's stuffed animals. I just like to be surrounded by them, and have them covering my bed to the point where I can't sleep in it. (I've done that with both....)

Also, I don't go to the library because I don't like returning books. I want them to be MINE.

Why do you spend so much time and money on books? Do you go to the library instead of buying them? Why have I devoted a large part of my life to blogging about books? QUESTIONING LIFE PURPOSE!!!!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Why do I own books? So I can appear hostile and unsociable everywhere I go whilst yelling at someone to 'get off that - you'll ruin the spine!' or 'hold it the other way or the bookmark will drop out!'.
    I did use to go to the library to get pretty much all my reading, however, I've found that school is beginning to get in the way of reading. The amount of books I now read per week has been reduced dramatically and so Amazon is usually where I get most of my books now. Its quick and I don't have to leave the house. Which is a good thing.

    1. That really seems like something you shouldn't do to be honest...
      And yeah, school sucks when it comes to reading. Though personally I prefer to go to a bookstore to buy books because EXPERIENCE!!! Or something.

    2. I agree, bookshops are definitely better. However, rather like Earth, they contain people. Which is unfortunate.

    3. True. But the YA selection in the one I go to is pretty much always empty. Kinda sad, but great for me!