Monday, June 22, 2015

Discussion Question Monday: Giving Away/Selling Books

Hello! Welcome to yet another Discussion Question Monday! Todays question is: Is it okay to give away/sell books?

So if you don't know, last Thursday I did a book unhaul post. (Apparently "unhaul" isn't a word...) And when I told my parents that I was getting rid of these books, they were pretty surprised. Because I like my books. I really do. But I am also a neat freak. I DON'T LIKE CLUTTER.

So yeah, books I don't like? Goodbye. Leave. Your not welcome here.

I know a lot of book lovers are pretty sentimental though. Okay then, live with piles of books you don't even want to read.

Though I guess the weird holes in my bookshelf now are making me kind of sad....

If your "one of those people" who is sentimental about books you don't even wan to read, maybe you should work on that. At some point you're going to run out of room for new bookshelves.

Okay, ranting a bit too much....

I'm just saying that if you don't like a book, you shouldn't keep it on your shelf taking up room. It's not like you're going to read it. And for the books you read but didn't like? Get rid of those too. Unless their cover is really that great.....then you can keep them.

This is supposed to be a discussion.

Well why would you keep books on your shelf you don't want to read? Wouldn't it be better to get rid of books you don't want anymore and buy some that you'll actually read? If you didn't like a book, do you really want to have to explain why you're keeping it to someone who asked you what you thought of it?

Thanks for reading! Comment your thoughts on this Monday's question below!


  1. Now you put it like that, I feel as if I need professional support for my over sentimentality with books. I'm not sure, though, if I do actually own that many books that I haven't enjoyed. If I do get rid of books, there's a little shop in town that I sell my them to, which gets hardly any customers. Which means I am safe in the knowledge I can just buy any book back in the future.

    1. Or you could just trust in the fact that they'll go to someone who might really enjoy them. :)

  2. Now that you've mentioned it, there are some books that I don't like that I bought and they still look like new. The reason I couldn't give it away because it was ... pricey. I'm torn between giving it away or selling them although I don't think anyone would buy it. Is it weird that I'm worried that I will give it to the wrong person? My point is, I may not have enjoyed the books, but it deserves some love you know.

    1. Honestly, when I don't like a book I kind of stop caring about what happens to it. I'm usually just hoping that someone that will actually read and like it will buy it....