Monday, June 1, 2015

Discussion Question Monday: E-Books or Paper Books? (3)

Hello! Time for another discussion question! I've decided to do a classic (sort of): e-books or paper books? Pros and cons time.

Paper (Real) Books:

  • beautiful book shelves
  • book smelling (totally not weird)
  • real highlighters (of which I enjoy)
  • can hug/hold when sad
  •  expensive
  • hard to hold (e.g. while eating)
  • heavy (can't carry very many)


  • carries many books
  • usually a light (not heavy) device
  • not as expensive (in the long run)
  • easy to hold
  •  doesn't smell like books :(
  • no bookshelves to organize :(
  • cannot be read during standardized testing (at least for me) I've failed to make myself like either of them better. So comment down below which one you prefer! I think I'll go with real books because they smell good. Again, not weird.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I definitely prefer paperback books. I agree, smelling paperbacks is certainly not weird... well, not as weird as smelling an iPad in public. Now, that would be weird.
    However, I'm pretty sure that I read somewhere that you remember more of a paperback book than an e-Book after 7 days, due to the motion of physically turning the pages. (Or something psychological like that).

    1. Have you ever smelled a paperback in public? That will get you some strange looks...
      I have no clue if you really remember paperbacks better, but I guess it does make some logical sense. What I want to know is how these people perform all these strange studies.