Monday, June 15, 2015

Discussion Question Monday: Book Destroying?

Hello and welcome to (yet another) Discussion Question Monday! This Monday's question: Is it okay to brutally torture books?

By this I don't necessarily make it illegible. Is it okay to bend the spine? Doggie-ear the pages? Leave it out in a thunderstorm (It was an accident...)??? Does it, and should it, really matter as long as you can read the story inside?

Most people's answers would be no. But as obsessive book lovers, should we really care?

For me, I only care if the book is new. I'm not going to go throwing my pretty copy of The Blood of Olympus of a cliff, but I've already killed The Lightning Thief to the point where it doesn't really matter anymore. (That would be the one that got caught in a thunderstorm.)

Other people, though, will go crazy if any of their books is put in a backpack, left out in the rain, or has doggie-eared pages (okay, actually, that one is never okay).

So yeah. I know most of us do care because broken spines are apparently the devil. But they are still readable. So they've fulfilled their life purpose!!!

Thanks for reading! Comment you thoughts on this topic down below!


  1. I'm a book destroyer

    We are currently doing book sculptures at school and this involves tearing out pages, cutting out pages, painting on pages and etc

    I feel so ashamed

    hehe, cool post :)

    mimi @

    1. Thanks! Are these books you actually like, or classics that haven't aged well and only English Majors like? Because that makes a hell of a difference...

  2. I am very picky about the condition of my books. I read them incredibly carefully - and try to keep them as new as possible, whatever the age. I can see what people mean about books being for 'reading' and that it doesn't matter how they are treated, but my books are my friends. I'm not going to break their spines for the same reason I'm not going to kill my dog.
    Actually, ignore that last sentence...

    1. Okay, seriously. You know there's an outside world with real people right? I would advise you to find some friends that aren't books.
      Also, I really hope breaking the spines on books is not as bad as killing your dog in your head....