Monday, June 1, 2015

A Journal of Books

Hello again! I know, so many posts today (you know, two)!

If you follow my Twitter (which you can do here), you would know that I counted my unread books this morning. There were a few....

But if you don't know, how I count my books has to do with a notebook I call A Journal of Books. Which is one of the most helpful TBR pile crushers I've ever encountered.

Basically, it's a list of all my books, and I will show you how to set one up.

How To Make A Journal of Books:

  1. Find a notebook/journal (preferably of the small variety).
  2. Write A Journal of Books on the cover.
  3. Go through your bookshelf/reading device and write down (with a pencil) every book you own. This includes e-books, but not library or borrowed books. NUMBER THEM!!!
  4. Go down your list of books and cross out the books you've read (but make sure you can still see the name of the book).
  5. When you get new books, continue your list (and numbering). When you get rid of books, erase them and write in new books there. Make sure you continue crossing out your read books.
  6. Every month or every other month (your choice), update your journal and count your unread books and how many books you own.
  7. Post your book numbers on social media somethings (Twitter, whatever).
That's it! Hopefully having to post your unread books online will make you want to read more/ buy less! Or maybe just your own self-guilt. IDK.

Thanks for reading! I hope you'll try this out (or maybe you already do something similar?) and that it helps your TBR pile shrink a bit!

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