Friday, May 8, 2015

The Awesomeness (and Hyperness) of the Reading Mood

Hellllooooo there! I'm extremely hyper right now...... You know, in case I'm not making it obvious enough.

A hell of a lot of people talk about "the dreaded reading slump", and even I have done posts on the subject before. Except, right now, I'm in the opposite of a reading slump.

I have no clue if this has an official name, but I have always just called it my "reading mood". Which is pretty much exactly waphat it sounds like, I'm in the mood for reading all of the books. Right. Now. Endlessly. 24/7. Infinitely. EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY EVER!!!!!

I'm actually having a hard time writing this post because I want to get back to reading so bad.

ANYWAY. This is fantastical for my TBR pile. Great time for a readathon (even though this is usually caused by doing well at a readathon)!!! YAYYY.

Except it's pretty horrible for everyone around me because every time someone wants to do something I'm like, "GET AWAY FROM ME I'M BUSY READING AND WASTING ALL MY LIFE FANGIRLING OVER FICTIONAL CHARACTERS!!" Okay, maybe not that exact thing (I never admit to things....), but something along those lines (yeah, no).

Do you guys ever get this way? 'Cause I'm going crazy right now. I THINK I MIGHT EXPLODE!!!!! (No, guts, come back!!!!!!)

Sorry I'm so hyper right now. Thanks for reading!!! I wish you a lovely night of reading! (Don't post hyper blog posts that will scare the hell out of some of the more sensitive people.)

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