Sunday, May 3, 2015

Americans & Buzzfeed Make Me Angry....

Hello! Recently, Buzzfeed posted a video on YouTube in which "Americans Discover The Metric System". So of course my normal response is, "Ooo time to see adults be stupid!!", but then I discover what this video actually is, and I'm like, "UGHHHHH".

So I then decided to break down why I find this video inaccurate and a bit offensive.

High School Science Classes.

I'm hoping most of you know that the metric system is the standard for scientists around the world, but apparently the creators of this video didn't realize that ALL SCIENCE CLASSES USE THE METRIC SYSTEM. 

At least in my school, we learned about the metric system at the same time as the imperial system. I honestly don't understand why all these adults that passed high school don't know how the metric system works....

I don't know how big an inch is!!!

Most of this video was these people trying to figure out something like, "how tall 45 centimeters is". Which is, in my opinion, not exactly useful.

I have NO CLUE how big an inch is. Or a mile. Or a kilometer. It's just not something I've ever completely understood...

I bet if you had the same people do the same thing with the imperial system you'd get the same results (except for MAYBE temperature).

Buzzfeed videos (made by Americans) cause other Americans to both feel and look stupid.

This is my problem with Buzzfeed.... They have all these videos that make Americans look like idiots, but they never put anyone else from another country in their shoes! Like everyone in the world knows how to pronounce American names.....

THE COMMENTS THOUGH. Buzzfeed causes all this mocking of America, when really it's just a small percentage of people they're stereotyping. Not everyone is that uncultured!!

Also, realize that Buzzfeed employees don't have the highest amount of education.....

I'm just now seeing how long this post is... Anyway, sorry for ranting!! Just had to get some of this stuff out of my system.... Hoping some of you guys have some similar issues or at least agree with me.

I also apologize for this having NOTHING to do with books.

Thanks for reading!!

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