Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Writing Hard Topics

Hellos!! (There's more than one of you!) If you don't know, as well as a reader (and other things listed above), I also write. I write in a few different genres, but right now, I'm doing realistic fiction.

Today I will talk about the writing issue of hard topics, such as suicide or religion, etc. which can be hard to write, and even harder to share.

Okay, let's do the basics. When I write realistic fiction, I tend to pick pretty heavy topics and/or themes. Most of them don't have happy endings. Also, I've never actually finsished a novel. Started hundreds, got distracted, started writing something else.

When writing other genres, or anything actually, I tend to write things that would seriously annoying a ton of people. I focus on I lot of topics such as religion, depression, and drugs/acohol. You know, things a 13-year-old should be interested in.....

My question: Do you guys (the writers, I mean) care about how people view your book?? Are you afraid of someone getting mad at you for writing about a topic not everyone agrees on?

If you aren't a writer, or even if you are, do you like heavy topics?? Would you rather read about happy stuff, or the aftermath of a suicide?

My answer: I certainly love reading and writing about both, but I have issues with sharing it with people. Even talking about it.

Thanks for reading!! Please comment down below with your opinion on this subject!

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