Sunday, April 5, 2015

Required Reading???

Heya!! So as I sit here supposed to be doing required reading for my English class, I thought I would ask you guys what you think of required reading.

Personally, I think it's pretty stupid. Teachers are forcing kids to read, and it makes those kids hate reading. Seriously, I've asked these non-bibliophiles, and they agree. I can actually relate to this, though.

When I'm reading a book for school, I would NEVER enjoy it as much as I would if I were reading it for fun. Mostly, I think it's because of projects and book reports. Having students do tons of projects and "analyzing" the story doesn't make reading seem fun.

Instead, why can't teachers just encourage reading?!?!?

Back to book reports. They are harder to do when you don't like a book. In my experience, it's hard to write an essay about charcters development when, yes there was character development, but it sucked!! This book, IS NOT GOOD AND I WILL NOT WRITE AN ESSAY ABOUT HOW GREAT THIS AUTHOR IS. HE IS NOT!!!!!!!!!! But that's just my opinion.

In conclusion, I think reading should be encouraged, but not forced. Also, English teachers, not every book you think is fantastic is good to anybody else, and do not tell me to reread it because I "didn't get the point of the book". I got the point, I just don't think the characters were all that developed at any point in the story.

Sorry for ranting. Posting this unedited.

ACTUAL IN CONCLUSION, do not force reading, do not tell me to do essays on horrible books, and do not think that every book you like is good. Encourage reading!!! Don't make your students hate reading!!! That will only make it worse.....

Opinions on this subject?? Any English teachers that want to defend themselves? Go ahead, really.

Anyway, thanks for reading!! Bye!!

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