Thursday, April 16, 2015

Reading Levels!!

Hilow! I just recently came across the Lexile Reaing Framework thing website (I knew it was a thing, but I didn't know it had a website!). In case you're wondering, it made me kind of angry.

Since probably around 5thish grade, I've been taking reading comprehension tests, and no matter how bad I thought I was when I took the test, I always got some crazy score. I don't think I've ever gotten UNDER 1000L. BTW if you don't know what that is go here!!!

Anyway, I always got a super high reading level, and unfortunately, I could never challenge myself with books because "age appropriate" books were not that high. To this day, I've never reading a book that has a reading level as high as mine.... So my reading level has trouble improving....well except not really.

Books that have a Lexile Level aren't necessarily "graded" well. Or something. I looked on their official website, and on there, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid was rated HIGHER than all the John Green books. And....what?? Excuse me?? You sure...? 'Cause last time I checked John Green uses a lot harder words than what's-his-name that wrote The Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Speaking of words to add to your vocabulary! The words, that they say are hard for a reader of my level to understand are like, "anagram", "theorem", and "grammatical" (On "An Abundance of Kathrines"). Really?? Ugrrhhh. Why can't they come up with YA books that have a reading level over 1000L!!

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that Lexile Levels make me angry, that I can't use them in the first place, and that teachers should stop making me take them!!! (Please?)

Thanks for reading!! What do you think of reading levels?? What about age appropriate books when put together with reading levels?? Do you, or someone you know, use a reading level to determine what books they read?? Let me know in the comments!!!

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