Thursday, March 26, 2015


What's up?!?!? So it was I think Tuesday that I went on the Barnes&Noble website. Wait, wait, let me give you some background!!

I read a book in 5th or 6th grade that I got from the library. For some reason, a little while later, I thought back and realized I didn't even remember the title of the book. It wasn't until I got a Goodreads that I really started searching for it, though. I wanted to put it on my read shelf, but I didn't even know the name!

Sometimes, when I would go back to that library to look for that book, but they had rearranged the books so I could never find it.... Also, I would go on Google and try to find the book with that, but it would never come up with it. After about a year of searching, I finally gave up. :'(

So Tuesday!! Yes, last Tuesday. Two days ago. I was on the Barnes&Noble website looking up prices and reviews and stuff for Half Wild by Sally Green (which was when it came out), and ended up going to the YA section (like ya do) and narrowing down books by genre and whatever. I started thinking about that book and I'm like, maybe I could find it! So I narrowed it down to YA fantasy books about the afterlife. There were only about 70 so I looked through the first page's book's descriptions. When I couldn't find it, I look on the second page. WHICH IS WERE I FOUND IT.

I was looking at the title thinking, you know, that looks familiar. So I read the description and was like, OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. O.M.G.  Two years after I read it I finally found it in about 20 minutes. It all made me feel like an idiot, but still.


Have ANY of you forgotten the name of a book you once read? That was my big one for awhile, and I'm still kind of flabbergasted I found it at all. So I just wanted to know if any of you have had a similar experience? Please, please tell me if you have! I'm still feeling like a bit of an idiot over here....

ALSO! I really loved this book and it's seriously under hyped, so I thought I'd give it some love <3

It's called Touching the Surface and here's the
Amazon Link
Barnes&Noble Link
Book Depository Link

Thanks for Reading! Please check out Touching the Surface, because I really do love it! Post soon, bye!

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