Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How To Get Out of a Reading Slump

This is an ongoing problem for all readers. Especially bloggers. Because when you don't read, you can't review books, and that sucks. So I thought I'd give all my fellow bloggers and readers some tips on how to get out of your reading slump! I really hope this helps (or else this post was a serious waste of time)!!!

1. Reread a favorite book!

I'm not too into rereading books, but I know this one helps a lot of people. Reading a book you already know you'll love, just means there's not much room for disappointment. It's usually bad books that put me into reading slumps, so I think this could help!

2. Read a sequel to a book you love!

This is more of a hoping that the second book is good too. I have had some pretty good experiences reading sequels, and knowing the characters and world already really helps me get into a book!

3. Read a different genre from your normal books!

I'm actually doing this currently by reading Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly! Maybe it's just me, but reading out of my little "bubble" of books can help me get out of a reading slump. For me, it's usually high fantasy, but it could be anything depending on what you normally read!

4. Read a book by a favorite author!

This really helps me actually. Reading a book in a style I like and that I'm familiar with really helps me keep reading while in a slump. I usually have some sequels or books by authors I just haven't read yet on my bookshelf. So why not start them now!!

5. Read an under-hyped book!

I honestly don't know why this helps me so much. It may just be the fact that it could become popular later and I would be the first to read it... But I've always liked supporting under-hyped books because I feel like I'm really helping out the author more so than hyped ones. Maybe it just makes me feel good?? I don't know why this works for me.....

Okay, I hope these tips help! If you can't tell, I'm in a reading slump and am currently doing all of these. UGHHHHHHHHH. By the way, these tips don't work for everyone, so try out a few of them and see what works best for you!! Happy getting back into reading!! See you!

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