Saturday, March 21, 2015

Disturbing Quotes from Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Hello! So if you've never read Shatter Me, it's basically about a girl that has a lethal touch and her struggles and stuff. It is set in a dystopian world (Really? I never would have guessed!) that is pretty much dying, the birds have stopped flying and The Reestablishment (creative, I know) has taken over and not kept there promises (WOW SO ORIGINAL). Anyway, this is not about the book, which I actually LOVED (despite my sarcastic comments), but the writing. It's very, um, strange. Anyway, here are some weird examples of quotes in Shatter Me (which I totally recommend if you can get over the good, but weird writing)!

1. "He says it with a small smile the size of Jupiter"

This isn't really all that bad, until you realize this is the ENTIRE BOOK.

2. "Every organ in my body falls to the ground"

That's kind of gross. I'm picturing this and I can't get the image out of my head.

3. "My mouth is sitting on my kneecaps"

You should go see a doctor about that....

4. "My spine is conducting enough electricity to power a city"

Seriously, how are you even alive right now??

5. "I am an old creaky staircase when I wake up"

What even what. Huh? Why? What? I don't get this.... I know it's a metaphor, but just, WHY?

6. "My jaw is dangling from my shoelace"

Ew. Ew. When I saw this I thought I was going to throw up. Not kidding.

7. "Warner thinks Adam is a cardboard cutout of vanilla regurgitations"

I laughed when I read this actually. What even is this?

8. "I catch the rose petals as they fall from my cheeks, as they float around the frame of my body, as they cover me in something that feels like the absence of courage"

This has stopped sounding YA, and now it's more like a classic.

9. "The sky is raining bricks right into my skull"

If you can't tell, this scene takes place in a closet full of beautiful clothing.

Then there's the acknowledgments:

"You've filled my days with shooting stars, and one day I will pluck the moon from the sky and fit it in your mailbox"

Okay, I love you Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me is amazing. But I don't really want to meet you anymore.

Thanks for reading! BTW I seriously do love the Shatter Me Trilogy, just the writing is, unique. Or something. If you liked the quotes above, or like the idea of an insane main character from a first person p.o.v. you would LOVE this book! Post soon, see you! :)

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