Monday, December 22, 2014

A Series of Unfortunate Events: #1, The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket aka Daniel Handler- book review

A Series of Unfortunate Events: #1, The Bad Beginning Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Background- This is a book for children that can still be loved and enjoyed by teenagers adults. Granted, it does take a certain kind of person to like this book. If you have read the book or watched the movie, you know this is basically a book about child abuse taken to the extreme. The Bad Beginning starts out on the beach where a banker named Mr. Poe tells them that their parents have just been killed in a fire that destroyed their home. Then a lot of bad things happen (unfortunate things, I should say).

Review- I gave this book only four stars because it is filled to the brim with definitions that could be helpful to parents and kids, but not to me. The author has a lot of parts in the book that he directly talks to the reader to better explain something that has happened in his book. In other words, A Series of Unfortunate Events is written in a way that is directed at children, and acts as a parent defining words and explaining the story. Which for kids is fantastic but it probably just wasn't for me. The story is great, though, and if you just ignore the definitions and explanations then it automatically becomes an adult book. Well, an adult book with a plot semi-suitable for kids.

Recommend?- For children or for parents with kids, if you can ignore many sentences well you may like it too! Though, you could also just watch the movie, they are in fact very similar. Actually, never mind, I think I liked the movie better, just because no author just talking to you which is better for NON-children.

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